Top 7 Best Foam Roller for Runners 2020

The best foam rollers for runners are those that could help quicken recovery, reduce muscle and joint pains, as well as increase the body’s mobility.

best foam roller for runners

Foam rollers help relieve soreness, inflammation, and muscle tightness. It would also allow increased motion and range of the joints. It’s commonly used by athletes and the best foam roller for runners would vary from the runner’s need and it could vary from one person to another.

Regardless of how it’s going to be used, there are several foam rollers in the market today that you could choose from at any time. And yes, running for longer periods and miles could hurt. If it does not hurt the way it’s supposed to hurt, then it’s not working as it should. This is why you need foam rollers so that the effects and pains of longer forms of exercise and running could be lowered down.

All the tissues and the muscles in a person’s body are composed of fascia and this could be damaged or become unhealthy because of things like sedentary actions, exercise, and repetitive movement. This is the reason why the self-myofascial release is needed and foam rolling is one of the best forms for that. Foam rollers are also specifically beneficial for runners as the repetitive running action would damage the fascia through time. In this read, we will know more about how foam rollers help in getting a healthier fascia, its benefits, and the best foam roller for runners, and how you can start using it daily on your routine.

Benefits Of Foam Roller

You cannot avoid doing strenuous exercise or activities but there are steps that you can follow so that you can still promote your body’s well-being after and before you start any exercise routine.

Simply put, foam rolling would help push out oxygenated blood in the fascia area and this would promote a healthier fascia. It would also reduce pain, quicken recovery, and increase mobility. It can be a perfect tool that you can add to your cool down or warm up so that your muscles would not be so strained. We have compiled a few of the known benefits that you can get from foam rolling.

  • Increases motion ranges. This is important for performance and flexibility for runners.
  • Eases muscle pain and strains. It could help reduce inflammation and treat sore muscles. Study shows that for those who did foam rolling, there is a delayed onset in the experience of muscle soreness compared to not using it beforehand.
  • Helps relieve back pains. It could help back tensions and pains. Note that it is important to do it the right way so that you will not cause more damage to your back.
  • Could help in cellulite appearance. Using foam rollers could break up and loosen the fascia and this could help with cellulite appearance.
  • Provides relaxation. Many of those who have tried foam rolling find it relaxing. This is because it could break muscle tightness resulting in a calmer and less tense feeling.
  • Manages symptoms of fibromyalgia. Those with fibromyalgia have widespread body pain. Research claims that those who have used foam rollers had less fatigue, stiffness, depression, and pain intensity.

Athletes and runners consider foam rollers as safe in general if it’s used for muscle tightness and preparation for before and after exercise. But you may need to avoid foam rolling if you have the following:

  • For those with serious injuries
  • Muscle break or tear
  • Avoid it in small joints such as ankles, knees, and elbows.
  • When foam rolling the legs, roll the calves out and avoid the area of the knee.
  • Pregnant women should stay away from foam rollers if you are in their third trimester.
  • Consult your doctor if you have underlying conditions and you would like to try.

How to choose a foam roller

Foam rollers are made from dense foam and are shaped in a cylinder form. The good thing is that depending on your need and preference, you can choose from a range of shapes, sizes, and the level of firmness. Be warned that you might try out a few before you can get the one that’s right and best for you but it would be worth it. There are 4 kinds of foam rollers available in your fitness stores and online:

  • Textured rollers. These are rollers that have knobs and ridges. Its main focus is to work tension knots and it dives deep into the muscle area affected.
  • Smooth rollers. It has a dense and smooth foam surface and is recommended for those who are trying foam rollers for the first time. It is not as intense as that of a textured roller and it’s also cheap compared to the other types.
  • Foam massage balls. This could be used for muscle areas that you want to specifically target.
  • Foam-covered stick massage. If you want something to deeply massage the upper back or the legs, this roller is the best option for you.

Best Foam Roller For Runners

When you are buying a foam roller, you may need to consider the size and shape depending on what area you are targeting. And yes, we have found the Top 7 best foam roller for runners online. Feel free to check it out.

1. TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

This is not the cheapest there is but according to reviews, it is the most talked about and the most effective.

2. LuxFit Premium High-Density Foam Roller

With a reasonable price, those who would like to test the waters of foam rolling could rely on this.

3. REEHUT Foam Roller

It is inexpensive and could do the job but it does not have what it takes to be the best foam roller for runners.

4. RumbleRoller Basic Bumpy Foam Roller

For runners, and the intense and experienced runners, this is the best option for you.

5. IDSON Muscle Roller Stick

Amazon reviews say that this is recommended for athletes and starters alike.

6. Tiger Tail Massage Stick

This is a bit pricey but it’s the best option when you do not have the white rollers.

7. The Stick – Therapeutic Body Massage Stick

At a price that does not break the bank; you could get what you need. It is best if you try and test it at the store first before you buy it. This is to make sure that you are comfortable with it.

The best foam roller for runners would depend on the athlete’s preference and regardless of how you want it to work, we are sure that there is something out there that would match your needs. It’s effective for cooling down and after exercise routine so that you will feel less tension and soreness in your muscle tissues. If you would like to add any tolls to your exercise routine, do not be afraid to ask your doctor for advice so make sure you’re doing it the right way.

best foam roller for runners

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