Best Massage Guns for Workouts

Since the massage gun got launched, it has been famous athletes including Kyrie Irving, in one of his NBA Games. Find out the best massage guns in the market today!

Best Massage Gun

Percussion massage is the new way of muscle therapy and there are a lot of reviews about the best massage guns out there in the market. What are they and why are these guns a new trend in the market today? To start, a percussion massage is what we call a deep tissue massaging where a series of blows penetrate the soft tissue of the affected area. This would then provide relief from pain, soreness, and even muscle injury. A percussion massage usually uses a massage gun that looks like a driller but it can also be done through a masseuse with blows from the hands and the wrists. Imagine being able to get a massage anytime, anywhere? What a great time to be alive!

Since the massage gun got launched, it has been used by several famous athletes including Kyrie Irving, an NBA Superstar, in one of his national basketball games. And with the sudden rise of popularity of massage guns, the bandwagon has stepped in and a variety of the best massage guns are then out in the market for you to choose from. What are these then and how will you know if you got the best one there is? Read on to fill your bucket of knowledge about this new massage gun gem.

Massage Gun: For Workout and Benefits

As mentioned above, percussion massage with a massage gun is the treatment for pain in the muscles due to injury or other problem areas. It’s also ideal for soreness, camps, and other soft tissue discomforts. It fastens the repair and growth of damaged tissues by increasing the flow of blood in the affected area. This method of massaging also stretches the muscles to connective tissues which aid in optimum performance and improves responsiveness. This is the main reason as to why this is being used by athletes and gym-goers alike.

Aside from it being a handy tool that you can carry anywhere, it also has several benefits that would make you say that the product is worth the buck you paid for as the best massage guns out there could be a bit pricey.

1. Injury Prevention, Recovery, and Sports Performance

This is the very main reason as to why those who go to the gym and professional athletes as well as invest in a massage gun. Their coaches carry it during games to help relieve tension in the body as well as relax the muscles. This also helps shorten the recovery time of the muscles in between workout sessions which allows the bone muscles to bounce back faster. Since massage guns increase performance and power, muscles become more efficient and flexible.

2. Powerful Pain Relief and Accelerated Vibrational Healing

The tool releases rapid blows in the affected area with the help of subtle energies and vibration. The percussion therapy provides deep vibration in the tissue muscles which improves lymph and blood circulation. This then results in more nutrients and oxygen in the body which is needed for faster recovery from pain, muscle fatigue, soreness, and motion.

3. Wellness Benefits

It is given that massage guns provide relief from pain. But you also need to know that there are health benefits attached to using these tools. With the constant use of these massage guns; immunity could be improved as well as a better fitful sleep at night. It also helps in increasing mobility, digestive disorders, anxiety and depression, and insomnia that are related to stress. Isn’t it an all in one tool?

Factors to Consider in Buying

Just like any other product you buy, you need to be sure of what factors to consider in buying that best massage gun suited for you. Here are important points to consider:

  1. Amplitude. Massage guns with higher amplitude levels will allow you to feel the intensity of the gun. It is said that the higher the level of amplitude there is, it is likely that the head could go deeper the tissues affected.
  2. Rotations per Minute. Speed depends on anyone. It greatly depends on what you prefer and how you like the gun to hit the muscle and tissues. Be sure you know the rate of the RPM before buying one.
  3. Sound Level. Some tools can be very noisy and if you’re hoping to relax, well this is not just the right cup for you. Always look for the one you’re most comfortable with and choose from there.
  4. Battery Life. Just like our phones and computers, we always ask about battery life and how long its power will last.

We bet no one would like to charge devices so very often. Since this is a handheld massage, make sure you know how long it will last without being plugged in for a charge.

5 Best Massage Guns for Workout

According to recent research conducted, at least 31% of Americans have tried or are interested in buying a massage gun for personal use, workout, and relaxation. We put up the top 5 list for you to choose from.

  1. TheraGun. This device is battery-operated and has a rugged look that resembles a jigsaw. The good thing with this is that it’s designed for personal and professional use. Just a heads up that this could be a bit loud compared to some and with continued use, it can last for about 20 minutes.
  2. Hypervolt. Imagine a laser gun. Yep, this one resembles that instead of a jigsaw with the TheraGun. It’s also for both personal and professional use, but the good thing is that it has a longer battery life of 3 hours and is quieter than other massage guns out there.
  3. TimTam. This looks very similar to that of a TheraGun and is loud just like the latter.
  4. Pleno M 3.0 This gun has the best speed option available compared to the other 3. It’s flexible and is at 2,600 RPM.
  5. KraftGun. Would you like longer battery life and lower noise level? This is the massage gun for you. With a battery life of 3.5 hours, it’s quite a catch.

Stress comes in all forms, and it could hinder us from doing our day to day activities. Good thing though that massage guns are now here for relief- anytime, anywhere! Google what you need and start investing in the best massage gun there is!

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