5 Best Pillows for Neck Pain

Neck pains are hard to manage especially when the pillows used are not properly designed for issues with neck pain. Get to know the five best pillows that are proven to be effective against neck pain.

Best Pillow for Neck Pain

Neck pains are normally developed while we sleep, sometimes they are in the form of strains in the vein or also called stiff neck. However, when a person is already experiencing a neck pain that is not usually associated with their sleeping position, it is important to take many factors into consideration when it comes to choosing the perfect pillow for sleeping. Especially those that have encountered injuries that are causing the neck pain, this is gonna be a critical decision making.


Neck Pain

Out of all the most common pain-initiated complaints of patients, neck pain tops the list. The cause of almost all cases of neck pain are strained muscles, and these strained muscles may also occur due to different reasons.

When specialists are asked regarding neck pain, they will say that the number one reason why people suffer from this is because of poor posture. Also, there is a big possibility that osteoarthritis is present when someone feels frequent pain on the neck part.

There are also rare cases of severe neck pain, though they still exist and are somehow possible to affect any person. First of all, neck pain is not considered normal anymore if it is associated with other symptoms such as unusual numbness of the arms or the hands, or if you feel like you have been deprived of energy on your arms and hands, and if there is frequent occurrence of abnormal sharp pain from the shoulders down to the arms. If you notice that any of the aforementioned symptoms start to occur, it is time to consult a specialist.


Symptoms of Neck Pain

Other than the usual sharp, stabbing pain that is felt in the neck area there are other symptoms that can help a person identify if they are indeed suffering from neck pain.

  • The pain does not easily disappear; there may be times where even staying still worsens the pain. This symptom is felt normally when the person is driving or while working in front of a laptop or computer.
  • The muscles around the neck are stiff and contracted.
  • Most of the time the person is unable to move their head because the pain tends to get worse when the neck is frequently pressured to change its position.
  • Almost all cases of neck pain are accompanied by headache.

As previously stated, there are many different causes of neck pain. In case the pain developed due to an accident-caused injury, it is better to immediately seek professional help. Also, it is best to do the same when the neck pain encountered starts to feel like the following:

  • If the pain starts to feel unbearable that it can almost reach the top of the pain scale.
  • There is still no sign of relief even after doing home remedies and using prescribed medications.
  • The pain is slowly creeping down the body and affects other body parts like the arms and legs.
  • It is normal to feel episodes of headache when you have neck pain; but if there are also other conditions like numbness and feeling your body getting weak, it’s time to go to the doctor.


Causes of Neck Pain

In order to easily provide treatment for your neck pain, it is important to be aware of what caused it. Also, since there are many possible causes of neck pain, it is not advisable to just simply guess or assume the root cause.

Muscle strains

Common neck pains are normally caused by muscle strains. This occurs even from unintentional movements such as excessive use of computers, cellphones, and other gadgets or even by simply lying down in bed while reading. There also a lot of neck pain occurrence from certain sleeping positions.

Deteriorating joints

People who are getting older tend to encounter neck pains due to weaker joints. Common cases of deteriorating joints are related to conditions like osteoarthritis.

Compressed nerves

The body is made up of a lot of nerves; this means that as we move we are being accompanied by these nerves. There may be times when we suddenly move and we feel an instant painful feeling that lasts for a few minutes, these are what compressed nerves feel. This normally occurs from sudden movements, and in the case of neck pains, it can be from an unusual sleeping position that causes the nerves to get compressed.


Many injuries can cause pain in the neck, especially those that directly affect a huge part of the neck. However, the most normal injury-caused neck pain is the one we can get from vehicular accidents, no matter how minor the accident is. The pressure of collisions will cause uncontrollable movements on the head like how it will tend to jerk back and forth, thus causing strains on the neck tissues.


Still, neck pain should not be left untreated because it may be an indication of a more dangerous disease. Diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis, and cancer are often associated with unusual episodes of pain in the neck.


Best Pillow for Neck Pain: Top 5 Options

The non-dangerous cases of neck pain can be resolved by basic medication and therapies. Did you know that changing your pillow and picking one that best suits your situation can also contribute to the treatment of neck pains? Here are some of the most advisable pillows that are best used to prevent and stop neck pains:

1. Water Pillows

The basic property of water is that it is adjustable and it can easily follow different forms. In the case of water pillows, it can be easily adjusted to perfectly suit the required position of your head and neck. Through this, the neck will be completely supported and it can also provide a better quality of sleep.

The effectivity of water pillows is also proven by some studies already.

2. Interlocking Fill Pillows

Most pillows that are made from interlocking fill are specifically designed as support pillows. Just like water pillows, they are also adjustable and provide amazing support for the neck.

3. Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows became a trend a few years back but they are still loved up to this day. It is because of these pillows tend to go with the flow; just like how they follow the contours of the body. Also, these pillows are said to effectively provide many parts of the body like the head, neck, and shoulder with relaxation and ease.

4. Elastic Polymer Pillows

Elastic polymer pillows are considered to be an advanced type of pillow. The design of these pillows is made up of comfortable grids that are formed from the elastic polymers. Their shapes do not get compromised too, providing them with the comfort factor that will greatly help in the relaxation of the neck muscles.

5. Ergonomic Pillows

Just from their name, we can already see how they can be beneficial for neck pain. Ergonomics pertain to products that specifically made to reduce any form of discomfort, thus this pillow is perfect for most cases of neck pain.

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