Fairlife Protein Shake

Fairlife Protein Shake can provide adequate protein levels, are low in caloric content, reduced sugar levels, and provide a delicious treat for people who may want to try it out.

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Those who wish to improve their protein intake can focus on taking high protein food items or take supplements that can provide adequate protein levels for healthy muscle support and development. However, supplements that can do this can be difficult to find especially those that taste good. Fortunately, there is a product called Fairlife Protein Shake that can provide sufficient protein while at the same time, it tastes delicious. If you want to know more about Fairlife Protein Shake, read on to find out!

About The Brand

This protein shake is manufactured by Faiflife, a company that is passionate about sustainable practices with groups that are community-led and initiatives for the community. They are also focused, on providing nourishment to customers by harnessing the power of dairy.

Is Fairlife Protein Shake tasty?

Fairlife Protein Shake is not only tasty, but it is also delicious and nutritious. It has a rich chocolate taste, significant amounts of protein with each serving, and can promote and support good health through the provision of high-quality protein.

Some of the ingredients of Fairlife Protein Shake include 30 grams of pure protein and two (2) grams of sugar, among others.

Why Fairlife Protein Shake Is Better Than Competitors?

As stated earlier, Fairlife Protein Shake is better than the competitors as it is not only tasty, but it is also quite delicious, nutritious, and effective. It has a rich chocolate taste, significant amounts of protein with each serving, and can promote and support good health through the provision of high-quality protein.

What Are The Benefits?

Some of the benefits of Fairlife Protein Shake include the following:

  • Fairlife Protein Shake can provide 30 grams of protein that is high quality which can help overall health goals and aid in muscle growth and development.
  • Fairlife Protein Shake is also relatively healthy and low in calories as it only contains 152 calories and just two (2) grams of sugar.
  • Fairlife Protein Shake also comes in a delicious and rich chocolate flavor and can also come in different flavors such as strawberry and vanilla.

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

Fairlife Protein Shake is priced at $28.93 based on the Amazon Website. A similar product called Gatorade Recover Protein Shake is also available from Amazon for $22.79.

Company Information

For questions or clarifications, people can directly contact the manufacturer, Fairlife, via the company’s phone number at 855-LIVE FAIR or via the company customer contact page at https://fairlife.com/contact-us/. The company also has a physical address at Fairlife LLC ℅ Communications Department 1001 West Adams Street Chicago Illinois 60607. Those who wish to purchase this product can do so via the Amazon website.

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

★★★★★ Must try!!

After having gastric bypass surgery in January of 2015, I have tried countless protein supplements/shakes/drinks & they have all been awful. I decided to spend the $ (these are expensive!) & give these a try. They are delicious!! I can’t believe how tasty. No after taste, no stomach discomfort. Incredibly good. I actually look forward to drinking them. I haven’t put them to the test with how the help with weight loss/maintaining but will weigh in tomorrow & hope to see the numbers on the scale have gone down or at least stayed the same.

★★★★★ MAGIC! Finally a High-Protein Shake That You Don’t Mind Drinking AND Tastes Good!
Highly Recommend! I bought these at BJ’s Wholesale Club for $12.99/12-case after I got a $4 off coupon in my latest Club coupon book ($16.99 without coupon, 11.5oz a bottle). I figured “Hey, 30g of protein, 2g of sugar, 4 carbs and 150 calories per bottle– why the heck not try it out?! If it sucks I’ll just toss them or give them away to a friend!” And Fairlife actually puts out decent products from their milk I’ve tried…
Okay, yes, I admittedly closed my eyes and braced myself for some weird chalky, bitter, fake chocolate taste when I went to take my first sip! ….Come to find out, holy crap– it’s really good! God, I hate chalky protein drinks (I’m kind of embarrassed at how much of picky eater I am lol) and it tastes like a chocolate malt milk. A tad rich for my personal liking but not overpowering. Meh, just chase it with some water if it’s too rich for you, no biggie. No upset stomach afterwards either. #win
PS – It wasn’t at my BJ’s when I bought mine, but they’re also supposedly coming out with a Vanilla flavor for anyone who doesn’t like chocolate. I can’t seem to find out on Google when though… It IS lactose-free and gluten-free for all my lactose intolerant and gluten allergy peeps. I also went ahead and added a photo of the nutrition label for anyone who is curious like myself. Hopefully when Fairlife takes it nationwide Amazon will pick it up on Prime! (you hear that, Amazon?!)

Mother of Two
★★★★★ Cannot believe how good this tastes

I could not believe how good something with so few carbs can taste. This tastes better than any of the protein shakes I have tried. Not only is there no after taste, but it does have a little milkshake taste to it.

Negative Reviews

★★★★★ Stevia ruins the day.
As usual, Stevia ruins a good idea. It’s really difficult for me to buy anything from Fairlife because they seem to switch between the alternative sweeteners so randomly. The big things of flavored milks have acesulfame K(potassium) & sucralose, the small Yup things have monk fruit, Smart Snack shakes have both monk fruit and stevia, these have acesulfame K + sucralose + stevia, and to be ultra confusing, Core Power has acesulfame K + sucralose + monk fruit + stevia(I only checked 2 flavors in each of those, so some may differ). It’s just a mess and makes buying their stuff really hard if you can’t tolerate all of those, which as a migraine sufferer I can’t, with Stevia being the absolute worst. Read more.

Dee Fields
★★★★★ Has aspartame in it!
Aspartame (nutrisweet) gives both me and my mother migraine headaches. I bought this from BJs not realizing that the company would have done that as I drink 2 other of their products all the time. As soon as I tasted it, I could taste this awful tasting sweetness and immediately knew it was aspartame. I threw the case out as I was on vacation when I bought it and was not about to cart the whole thing 800 miles to return it at a store near where I live. Read more

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