Fecal Transplant: What You Should Know

Fecal transplants may help address digestive issues.

Fecal Transplant

Sometimes, people see the medical world getting weirder than what it is meant to be. This is also thanks to the nonstop discovery of newer treatments by the minute. However weird or out of this world they may sound, most of the unusual medical practices are already proven to be effective.

As an introduction to our main topic, why don’t we take about something bizarre for a while?


Some of the Most Unusual Medical Practices

  • Distraction osteogenesis

From the prefix “osteo”, this treatment is aimed for bone issues.

The process of this treatment is through surgery because the medical professionals will need to get in contact with the bones. When thinking about how it is done, it seems like this kind of treatment is painful. First of all, the surgeon performs the surgery by cutting the specific bone into two sections, leaving a required length as a gap between them. Next, a tool that is said to function like a brace is placed on the gap and is used to stretch the two bones apart; wherein they say that the way the bones are slowly stretched apart does not cause too much pain. Lastly, the surgery is given time to heal. It is during this recovery that the tissues start to regenerate and are said to start producing the missing part of the bone that is the gap.

This procedure is commonly performed to correct defects that have been present since the person’s birth, an example of this condition is the malformation of bones specifically the jawbones. Also, some people have discovered its use for cosmetic surgery. And now even those who desire to get taller consider having the distraction osteogenesis procedure.

  • Hemicorporectomy

Amputation is commonly conducted when there is a risk of spreading from a certain infection. Most of the time, the parts of the body that get amputated are the hands, feet, arms, or legs; but did you know that it is possible to fully amputate or remove the lower part of the body? This is how hemicorporectomy works.

Imagine how painful it must be, having the lower half of your body amputated, but this surgery is necessary especially when the body is already infected by an incurable and malignant tumor that must be immediately cut off.

The procedure of hemicorporectomy is not easy to achieve since first and foremost, the patient needs a lot of preparation before engaging in this complex surgery. The patient must be prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally among others. For the surgeon, it is gonna be hard too. They’re gonna need more than one surgeon to perform the surgery. However painful and absurd it sounds, think of it as a rare condition and in case one is required to get this kind of procedure, remind yourself that this is gonna be for the good of the body.

  • Body-cooling therapy

Have you ever tried being inside a life-sized refrigerator? Or outside the snow in a negative degree temperature? That is how it feels to be frozen. So, is it possible for humans to engage in such cold temperatures? Somehow, some people have found the benefit of cold temperatures.

In the process of body-cooling therapy, the body is ideally frozen in order to slower specific activities that are being done in the body. This therapy does not literally freeze the person’s body, but instead by using intravenous means the body is provided a chilled saline solution. It is said that the solution is about 4 degrees Celsius in temperature, which is cold enough considering the temperature of the body.

This therapy is commonly used after a sudden occurrence of cardiac arrest. It can also work in the prevention of brain injuries.

  • Hemispherectomy surgery

The brain is one of the most important organs in the body. To think that it controls all body movement, all activities, and literally just about everything the body does; the brain is the source of it all. Which is why, it is really hard to get involved with diseases that affect the brain, such as seizures. However, specialists found a way on how to refrain further damage to the brain, and to also completely erase the harsh experiences of a child who experiences seizure – the hemispherectomy surgery.

The hemispherectomy surgery is done as a major surgery wherein the cerebral hemisphere is either completely removed, separated, or paralyzed. This procedure is usually done to young children only, and so far those who underwent this surgery still lived a normal life. This surgery is not easily decided by anyone, it is only suggested by the doctor in case there are no other options anymore. Also, a lot of children who got this surgery were seen with good results, and about 75 percent of them have their seizures absolutely gone afterward.


Fecal Transplant

It’s about time we talk about a widely used but pretty bizarre treatment approach, the fecal transplant.

Also termed as fecal bacteriotherapy, fecal transplant is a legitimate treatment which involves the use of a donor’s stool in order to treat certain intestinal and digestive conditions. Yes, it may sound unreal but it is one hundred percent being done. The feces, through this treatment, is used as a primary medication; thus it is carefully screened and processed in laboratories before they are used. At times, they are infused in the body by tubes that are inserted through the nose, but there also other ways like enema; where the stool is injected through the rectum, or by consuming the stool as capsules.

It is really hard to process how this will take effect in the body, but be reminded that our body is made up of huge varieties of bacteria, each of them relevant. In the case of fecal transplant, the bacteria from the feces act as good bacteria which can kill off the other bad bacteria that causes the intestinal or digestive issues.

The purpose of the feces is to serve as a replacement for the previously damaged bacteria, which may be caused by either disease or strong medications. This way, the balance in the stomach comes back and the interferences will be fought off by the new and healthy bacteria that was provided by the fecal transplant.

For the fecal source, it is ideal that the person who will be donating stool will be a close relative or partner, and they must be very healthy. However, it is also possible for any healthy person to donate their feces. There will be teste performed to check if the person is perfectly healthy and if they are completely allowed to donate. The screening process is very strict since it is important that the donor does not have any form of infectious or parasitic diseases or even digestive issues that may harm the fecal recipient.

The chosen donor is then given a few antibiotics to take in preparation for the donation.

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