How To Use Foam Roller For Back Pain

A foam roller for back pain can provide several health benefits by reducing sore back muscles and reducing tension. It’s important to know the best exercises for back using self-massage equipment.

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Do you know how to use a foam roller for back pain? Every American loses an average of 2 workdays per year due to back pain. Not everyone in the world experiences this condition, but it is quite common. When picking a foam roller for back pain, consider the features and which back exercises are the best ones to relieve pain using the self-massage equipment.

What’s a Foam Roller for Back Pain?

You can get lots of benefits from a foam roller for back pain. That includes relief from chronic back pain, which lasts for 12+ weeks even after people get treatments/prescriptions.

Some of the options like prescription meds and surgical procedures can work. However, they can also cause a lot of pain and discomfort. For example, prescription meds can include strong chemicals that cause unwanted side-effects.

Surgery can also help relieve back pain and more long-term than medicines. However, one of the main drawbacks is all surgery always involves “going under the knife.” It can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

Depending on the source of your back pain in some situations, surgery and pharmaceuticals are needed based on any complications/pain involved. However, in many cases, you can use holistic (whole-body) treatments.

One of the ways to treat back pain is a foam roller. As the name suggests, this involves a cylinder-shaped unit that’s wrapped in some sort of foam or mat. You can even make a DIY unit by wrap a PVC tube in soft foam or yoga mat. The cost can be $1 if you already have the foam.

You can use the foam roller in different situations. For example, it can be a warm-up exercise before you start your regular workout. You can also use the foam roller for a cool-down exercise. It provides similar benefits as the pre-workout stretching but is done for a different function.

It is a type of self-massage that can have the same benefits of a deep-tissue massage.

Foam Roller Exercises for Back


This is one of the most common kinds of back pain. Make sure to avoid rolling out the lower back. The reason is the pain’s cause is related to the spine’s alignment. It’s not related to tight muscles.


Lats is a critical area that could get tight since the shoulders are rounded. To reduce the pressure, put the foam roller underneath the armpit while lying on one side.

Extend your arm in front of you. Then roll it up/down on the back’s side. Work down from the armpit to the end of the ribcage. Make sure to stop if you get to any tight areas.


This one is a good option if you sit at a desk or behind the wheel all day. It is important to deal with upper-back knots and stiffness. You can massage out the knots for less back pain.

First, lie on the foam roller. Make sure it’s positioned at the mid-back. Cross arms over the chest with rear-end touching the floor. Extend back over the equipment. Try to touch the top of the head to the ground that’s behind you. Move the foam roller higher until you get to the mid-upper back.


What does a chess roll-out have to do with the back? Upper-back pain is often caused by chest muscles including rounded shoulders. That can make it feel like the pain is from your shoulders.

First, lie face-down and position the foam roller a little under the armpit. Extend one arm forward. Press the chest into the exercise equipment. Press the chest into the roller. Next, roll back/forth. Repeat the exercise on the other side


First, place the foam roller underneath the glutes. Bring up the right leg and res the right ankle over the left knee. Roll through the right hip/glute. Then repeat the exercise on the other side.

Foam Roller For Back Pain

More Home Remedies for Back Pain Relief


There are various pain-relief creams on the market that can provide relief for back pain. You can find them on the web and at brick & mortar pharmacies. One of the natural ingredients to look for is capsaicin, which is found in chili peppers. This might help to deal with osteoarthritis pain.


If you want an excuse to buy new shoes, a bad back is a good one. Wearing shoes that don’t fit well or lack support might cause muscle strains in the back, legs, and neck. Make sure to wear shoes that have a maximum 1-inch heel.


It is a basic yet effective way to deal with a sore back. It’s included in various physical activities like warm-ups, yoga, and tai chi. There are various yoga poses including Cobra and Cat-Cow. You can also do warm-up stretches before workouts to stretch out the back muscles.


Many home remedies include ice packs and hot compresses. Both types of treatment can provide benefits that can reduce back pain. For example, if you wrap up an ice pack in a small towel it might help to lower inflammation. It might also cause a numbing effect that can also reduce pain.

Meanwhile, a heating pad can also help to treat sore/stiff muscles. Make sure to read the instructions on heating pads. You should also test temperatures to make sure they’re not too hot. That could cause unwanted side-effects.

In the case, a heating pad isn’t available, use a hot water bottle or microwaved uncooked rice. These options can provide similar benefits.


Doing an exercise like walking, swimming, and stair-climbing can help to deal with back pain effectively. It’s important to go with low-impact exercises since high-intensity workouts could be a jolt to your back. Take it slowly with a foam roller for back pain.

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