7 Ways On How To Foam Roller Upper Back Muscles

Foam roller upper back exercise is one of the exercises you can do with a foam roller. There are many other exercises that can be done using a foam roller. We will be looking at those here.

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When it comes to exercise so many people have so much equipment for exercise but just a few make proper use of them. For instance, many people have a foam roller in their house. But many of these people have long stacked it in a place where it has not been used for ages. Well, we’re here to tell you about ways you can use your foam roller. Certain methods would help foam roller upper back exercises. And with this, you would be able to build the muscles in the upper back portion. If you are also just getting a foam roller and you have no idea what to do with it this would be a good one for you to go through.

One thing that you must know about exercise is that it must be consistent. And the easiest way to do it consistently is having the equipment in your home. One of the small ones you can have in your home happens to be a foam roller. And the good thing is that this can be included in just about every workout session that you have. The good thing about a foam roller is that you would be able to use it for a wide range of motions. And many benefits have been found out to come with using foam rollers. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to use this to your benefit.

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People have found out that a foam roller can be beneficial when it comes to reducing muscle soreness after doing your workout. At the same time, it reduces exhaustion in the muscles after a workout. That’s not all that you would get from using a foam roller. It can also help improve mobility and it wouldn’t affect your performance in any way.

This is a self-massage technique that affects your muscles. It can be used on major muscles such as the calves, quadriceps, and hamstrings. We will be looking at how you can use them later on. Just make sure that when using this you try as much as you to avoid places such as the groin, abdomen, and neck. And that’s because the blood vessels and the nerves in that area are very close to the skin. So they are considered to be sensitive parts of the body.

As for the size of the foam roller, choosing a small foam roller would be a good idea. Go for one that is within 18-24 inches. And that’s because it is portable and would be able to cover the different parts of the body. You would also opt for one that is about 36 inches. The purpose of this is for places that are large such as the upper back.

When choosing a foam roller also make sure you check if it’s hard or soft. Hard ones tend to apply so much pressure on the skin and this might not be great for beginners. So if you are just trying this out for the first time opt for soft ones.

7 Ways on How to Foam Roller Upper Back Muscles

Now let’s take a look at the different ways you can use the foam roller. All the different ways that would be listed below can be done all at once. It would take about 15 mins to complete all the 7. And that’s not a bad time for covering different muscles in the body.

  • Calves: All you have to do is sit down flat on the floor. Make sure that your hands are placed behind as a form of support. Then place the foam roller just under the calves. For whichever leg you are not placing on the foam roller place the leg on the other leg in a bent position. Then roll the foam roller along with your calves. This would help improve movement around your ankle.
  • Hamstrings: Same here, sit with your fit forward, and then your hands backward for support. Place the foam roller under the thigh. And then bend the opposite leg. Then roll the foam roller over the hamstrings. This should go from the knee to the end of the butt. It helps improve hip and leg mobility.
  • Quads: Here you should be lying down facing down. Then place the foam roller under the hips. Then roll it from the hips to the knee. This would also help improve flexibility in your knee. At the same time, it can also help reduce tension in that area.
  • Back: Lie facing upwards this time around. Then place the foam roller on your back. Then your hands should be resting behind your head. Both knees should be bent. Then move the roller from the upper back to the lower back. This would help increase tightness in that area and also improve muscle strength.
  • Outer thighs: Your body should be positioned on the right side. Then the roller should be placed under the outer thigh. One hand should serve as support as it’s facing the floor. The other hand should be placed on the bent knee. Then roll the foam roller from the knee to the hip. This goes a long way in reducing stress on the knee and hip.
  • Shoulders and sides: Place the foam roller on the side of the chest, and then your arm should be extended. The leg of the side you are doing should be stretched out. The other leg should be bent in front of the other leg. Then slowly move forward and backward on the roller.
  • Butt: Sit on the roller and then cross one leg over the other. Your weight should be on one hand that would act as a support. Lean toward the hip of the side you are doing. Then roll it forwards and backward. Make sure you do this gently to avoid falling. It helps strengthen the muscles around the butt.

These are the 7 ways you can use a foam roller for upper back muscles and other parts of the body. And this would help improve the strength of the muscles.

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