21 Healing Scriptures for Health and Strength

We could be plagued with pains but it’s a comfort that healing scriptures could give you what you need to hear in the most difficult times of your life.

Healing Scriptures

It is easy to stray away from your faith and convictions when your soul, body, and mind is plagued with pain. The healing scriptures from the bible could offer strength and motivation to go on with your day to day activities despite it all. It is never late to ever begin being better and to push past all the pains and trauma that you have been through. Some would want to heal from personal problems, hardships, illnesses, bad experiences, or even just a very rough day or week. Regardless of the pain and situation that you are in, you can be assured that you can find strength and comfort in the Bible verses and scriptures that God has left for you- waiting for you to notice and open all this time.

The scripture and even bible quotes inspire people most especially for those who go through hardships that every day, there is a new way to embrace a new way of spiritual and physical healing. As they say, healing could be much more than your recovery from a certain trauma and pain, it is a symbol for better moments and new beginnings. With the healing scriptures and the tips that we will provide below, we hope that you could see each new day as a chance to journey in your healing and recovery. We hope that it does not only strengthen your health- but we fervently hope that it becomes total healing for you. If you are sick in spirit or physically ill, let these scriptures comfort you at this time of the unknown and remind you that for all God’s faithful, wholeness and health is for you and with you.

Heal Your Mind And Body

Our faith and our conviction for healing in any kind of illness could greatly affect our chances of recovery. And according to studies, a change in how you think could make a big difference in your health condition. There is indeed an absolute connection between how your body feels and how the brain thinks. Just like the efforts you do, to reduce and take away any distress, the mind could also greatly affect what happens to the body.

If you make sure that you take charge of everything that comes out of your mind, you can also control how you think and therefore give your body the fighting chance it needs to recover from certain diseases and illnesses. While it is true that you would not be cured by just thinking positively, the key component for a person to have a healthy body is a healthy mindset.

  • Write a gratitude journal and sleep better. The best cure for insomnia is a gratitude journal. It has been linked to longer-lasting and better sleep quality.
  • Expect your treatments to work so that they could be more effective. The effectiveness of health treatment is influenced by a placebo effect. Your belief that the treatments given to you by your doctor or health practitioner would also play a huge role in the success of the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Boost your body’s immunity by being optimistic. Research says that optimistic people live longer and this is because immunity is being boosted by positive thoughts, too.
  • Focus on your life’s purpose to live longer. If you have something to look forward to every day, you will keep on fighting to be healed. Having a sense of purpose would give your body the motivation it badly needs to live longer.
  • Laugh and smile to reduce heart diseases. Laughter and smiling could increase the good cholesterol in the body, reduce the inflammation in the artery, and could decrease hormones that cause stress.
  • Meditate to slow down aging. Studies claim that cellular aging could be slowed down through meditation as it buffers against any stressors and harmful effects in the body.

Your mind and the way you think could be your own worst enemy or it could be the best friend that you could ever have. Learn to condition your brain to look at the positive things in life to build a better mental strength. You’d be surprised to see how it could help your journey to recovery.

21 Healing Scriptures for Health and Strength

They say that a person’s faith can move mountains and yes, just like how the mind could be powerful, your prayers could be heard, too. We have compiled a few of the healing scriptures that you can run to in times for much-needed strength and healing.

  • Before we can love and heal others, we must heal and love ourselves first.
    Proverbs 17:22
  • The Lord does not choose anyone and saints and sinners alike could ask for healing in times of sickness and hardship.
    James 5:14-15
  • For those who believe, the Almighty will shower healing and strength.
    Exodus 23:25
  • A lot of miracles can occur through God’s power.
    Psalm 146:8
  • To purify your soul, you should not only wish wellness and healing for yourself alone.
    3 John 1:2
  • You will never brave the storms and trials alone for your Lord is near and will never let you walk alone.
    Isaiah 41:10
  • No one is perfect and so it’s needed for us to confess so that our minds, bodies, and hearts could be purified.
    James 5:6
  • Struggles and sickness will be there but the Lord will never fail. Through trying times, He will be there to watch over.
    Revelations 21:4

Revelations 21:4

  • Rest your weary mind, body, and soul as he will grant peace. He will cradle you with love on your most difficult days.
    Matthew 11:28-30
  • Be confident that the pain will all pass and that He can give you a peaceful future.
    John 14:27
  • When we are afraid, the Lord listens. Reach out.
    Psalm 6:2
  • For those with the faithful heart, God’s healing grace will be given.
    Mark 6:56
  • Nothing could ever be beyond God’s grace.
    Matthew 8:1-3
  • Listen to your pastor or priest. They are brushed with God’s Holy Spirit and blessing.
    Matthew 9:20–22
  • Since the beginning of time, the Lord has healed everyone who has come for help.
    2 Kings 20:5
  • No matter the severity of your illness, God’s healing hand will be able to take away.
    Luke 4:41
  • The Lord’s sacrifice in the cross makes healing of any sickness possible for those who believe and call.
    Isaiah 53:4-6
  • May you be healed through God’s healing touch and pay it forward to others who need service and love.
    Matthew 8:14–15
  • A spirit and heart of reverence will open the door to healing. Let God enter and let Him help.
    Malachi 4:2
  • We are all blind from God’s love but we can always call out to him and experience his healing and love.
    Matthew 9: 28–30


It’s easy to feel helpless when you are suffering from pain and sickness. But as they say, prayers and your efforts could greatly affect your way to recovery. The healing scriptures could help but it should also be coupled with faith, reverence, and belief that all will come to pass.

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