How To Use Portable Massage Gun To Relieve Leg Pain

Is it possible to have your massage therapist with you in all places? With a portable massage gun, you can!. Read on to find out more about how this device can help in relieving muscle pain especially on the legs.

Leg Pain

Is it possible to have your massage therapist with you in all places? That your therapist is always at your service even when you are traveling? Well, you think only very rich people can afford that luxury, right? That’s not true. With a portable massage gun, you can afford it too. Massage guns are chiropractor-developed tools that function as a personal masseur. You can take them with you anywhere. It is an at-home tool that gives you the option of relieving your occasional annoyances. They help with muscle soreness, little pains, tightness, and aches. To be honest, you’ll get the utmost relief from full-body massage sessions by a certified practitioner who knows the drill. But nothing comes as close as a massage gun.

Do you know why these massage guns are called portable? They are lightweight and ergonomically designed. More so, they’re so easy to operate and very quiet while at work. If you try a massage gun, you’ll quickly realize that it would melt away your muscle tension within minutes. And come to think of it; they are good for all your pressure points. Talk about your shoulders, neck, legs, and even feet. They even feel good on your arches. Don’t skip them.

What You Should Know About Massage Guns

Massage guns operate through the well-known “pain-gate theory”. According to this theory, you can somewhat deceive your nervous system in a way to reduce pain. With the proper kind of stimulation, as well as responsiveness, you can effectively reduce pain sensations.

So how do massage guns deliver this? They send nerve impulses at the right frequency. This “deceives” your nerves and sends the pain away. In essence, the massage gun would trick your system into relieving pain faster.

Some benefitting specifications of massage guns are as follows:

  1. They make muscle recovery faster. This happens because they sustain and improve blood flow to your muscles.
  2. They can help prevent your muscles from being sore after an exhaustive and extensive workout
  3. Massage guns make your muscles’ healing process faster. This happens as a result of their positive effects on stimulating growth hormones and oxygen supply. Massage guns help open up closed or contracted vessels, and thereby, circulatory system, improve blood flow
  4. They can prevent fatigue by helping to suppress lactic acid accumulation. Essentially, they would help reduce and release lactate in your body
  5. Aside from your muscles, you can use them to massage other areas too
  6. They are very simple to use
  7. Massage guns take lesser time to deliver great results
  8. They can help enhance and improve your motion range
  9. Indeed, massage guns would be perfect for fighting pain. They are especially helpful for easing the pain from damage to soft tissue

You get all these advantages with little to no risk. There are almost no disadvantages to using these guns. Just make sure that you follow the procedure for using them, as stated by the manufacturer. That way, there won’t be any issues.

How to Use Portable Massage Gun to Relief Leg Pain

Well, there are general things to consider whenever you are using massage guns. Whether you will use it on your leg on any other spot, you should pay attention to the following:

1. Let the tool start running before you place it on any part of your body. Don’t make the mistake of having the gun on your body before you switch it on. This can cause jarring, or even something worse, such as bruising.

2. When you start the massage, begin with the slowest speed. Then increase it gradually to determine your level of tolerance. If you start at a high speed, you could experience some pain.

Bear this in mind. Soreness could be caused by increased inflammation or micro-tears in your muscles. If you try to beat the sore muscle into submission, you could be causing more damage. So, more may not always be better when it comes to speed.

3. Regardless of the speed you use, let the gun float across your muscles. Applying extreme pressure is not in any way necessary. All you need do is gently glide your massage gun over any affected area, and allow it to do its work. Light pressure or moderate (at most) is okay.

4. Don’t forget to relax. Don’t flex your muscles or be too tense while you’re using your massage gun. If you do these, you won’t get the full benefits. So breathe gently and move the tool slowly along your target muscles.

As specifically for your legs, you need to massage them after your whole day of standing, walking, and all sorts. Before you start the massage, you can point and flex, roll out your ankles, and give your legs (the lower part, especially) a gentle squeeze.

After those, take the massage gun to your calf and shin, as well as the arch of your foot. This would alleviate tightness. This routine is perfect for days filled with different errands. When you get home, give yourself the much-needed relief before you take a rest.

To be honest, when you try this massage routine once, you’ll fall in love with you. You will look for any excuse to do it every day.

A Few Cautions When Using Massage Guns

You must keep certain precautions in mind when using massage guns. They are for your safety. Here are some of them:

1. Be very careful when using your massage gun tool on strains, broken bones (fracture), muscle sprains, or tendinitis (or other inflammation-related injuries).

2. If you have a chronic health condition or any injuries, it is advisable to ask your doctor before you use any massage gun.

3. Pregnant women must confirm from their attending physician that they can use massage guns during their pregnancy. They should be safe, but don’t take chances. More so, even if your doctor gives you an okay, avoid your tunny area, both in front and behind.

4. Avoid using massage guns on your genitals or head. That’s not safe at all.

So long as you follow these guidelines, a portable massage gun would deliver maximal benefits to your sore leg muscles. You should consider getting one for yourself.

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