Does Laser Stretch Mark Removal Work?

Laser stretch mark removal uses a beam of lights to encourage new growth of skin. Since this procedure involves the removal of the outer layer skin, it helps in making the striae appear smoother than ever.

laser stretch mark removal

One famous way which involves the removal of stretch marks uses lasers to get rid of the outer layer skin to balance off the structure of the overlying skin.

Not all women get confident seeing their stretch marks. This is why a lot of them also seek help from doctors who are in the expertise of advancing beauty.

Due to the continuous innovations, even the removal of stretch marks are not a problem anymore. This is because of the introduction of lasers which are said to help get rid of unwanted stretch marks.

Laser stretch mark removal uses beam of lights to encourage new growth of skin, since this procedure involves in the removal of the outer layer skin, this laser procedure could also help make the striae appear smoother than ever.

There are two types of stretch mark removal procedures of the skin resurfacing treatment:

  1. Ablative

The Ablative laser such as CO2, Erbium, and YAG, destroys the upper layer of the skin. As a result, it helps the skin appear smoother and the stretch marks would be less visible.

  1. Non-ablative

The Non-ablative laser such as Alexandrite and Fraxel doesn’t involve destroying the skin. Instead, it reaches the underlying skin in order to promote collagen growth.

How long does laser stretch mark removal last?

Experts claim that the effects of laser stretch mark removal could last for years. However, the length of effectivity will depend on the individual. Since taking care of the skin plays a huge role in maintaining a good skin, doing such could also be a factor on how long will the laser last.

Usually, the effects of the treatment don’t happen overnight. It could take more than a session before the stretch marks start to lighten up. According to some, per treatment will have to have a 3-week period before the next session begins.

Having said, numerous sessions could make the effects of the laser last longer.

How much would a laser stretch mark removal cost?

According to research, a laser stretch mark removal would cost from $200 per treatment. The patient will have to pay individually per treatment since the number of sessions will depend on the doctor’s recommendations.

Furthermore, there are also other charges that one will have to settle such as the anesthesia, consultation fee, lab costs, office fees, and the post-treatment pain medication if only this is advisable.

When it comes to the treatment period, laser stretch mark removal won’t take that long. The treatment alone usually lasts for 30 to 90 minutes only. Sometimes the length of the treatment will also vary on the kind of procedure used.

Will it take a long time for the affected area to heal?

Laser stretch mark removal is considered as a noninvasive treatment. Having said, there are no surgical procedures involved. This means that comparing to surgical methods, laser treatments could heal faster and it won’t take much time for the treated areas to recover.

After the treatment, the treated area will come out as pinkish or reddish. But this is something that one should really worry about because the color will also subside after a few weeks. However, some patients who underwent laser therapy have noticed some side effects such as raw skin and mild discomfort. But as mentioned earlier, this is quite normal and the side effects should go away on its own after a few weeks.

Is laser stretch mark removal covered by insurance?

Even though considered a laser therapy, stretch mark removal still doesn’t contribute to any health risk and at the same time, it is still considered as a cosmetic procedure. Dealing with aesthetics, the patients will have to pay from their own pockets since laser stretch mark removal isn’t covered by any insurance. Unless the patient is required to undergo abdominoplasty or pain management that involves laser therapy, then that could be considered.

So does laser stretch mark removal really work?

Stretch marks are the results of the changes in the dermis. So if we try to think of it, no skin resurfacing could totally erase the stretch marks. It’s just that, with enough laser therapy, it is possible for the skin to lighten up and make the stretch marks less visible. Studies even claim that there are still improvements in treating stretch marks via laser therapy since there have been a production of collagen and elastin in the layer of the skin where the stretch marks are said to form.

Some experts also claim that laser therapy for stretch marks are more effective if the stretch marks are still red in color, meaning, they are still immature. But for stretch marks that have been around for years already which they considered mature stretch marks, won’t really work on laser treatments. This is because mature stretch marks have large amounts of hyperpigmentation on the skin already which makes the laser therapy less conducive on the affected area.

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