Massage Gun Reviews: Are Massage Guns Worth It?

A lot of massage gun reviews have already been out due to its demand and the sudden boom in the market. But what are massage guns and are they worth it?

Woman using massage gun on upper leg

A lot of massage gun reviews have already been out due to its demand and the sudden boom in the market. But what are massage guns and are they worth it? Massage gun reviews have described this tool as that of a driller but it is a handheld massage device and is this year’s most popular muscle and tissue power tool. Did you know that international athletes use these massage guns in their most important games on television? And because of this, people have been hyped up about its sudden popularity. Even though a lot of possible consumers would like to try this out, one thing is keeping most at bay because of its price. You can expect it to be pricey ranging from around $400 to $600 depending on its features and accessories. Due to this being pricey, there has been a lot of question on whether is it worth it considering the price it holds?

Massage guns are used for vibration or percussion therapy where the massage tool provides continuous and fast blows of pressure in the muscle or tissue in the affected area. The head of the massage gun oscillates forward and backward, back and forth. Since it’s a percussion message, it can also be performed by doing a light strike in the wrists and hands to give the effect of that of a massage gun. Massage gun reviews have pointed out that the tool could treat virtually any problem area in the body where there is soreness or aching. Did you know that it could also be used for pre-workout to do muscle warm-up before doing any intense activity? Great deal!

Massage Guns and All There is to Know

Massage Guns are the new way of therapy for people with an 8- 5 job, the gym-goer buff, or athletes alike. As some massage gun reviews cite, it’s the calm after the storm of pain, injury, or soreness. It provides better relaxation and blood flow which allows increased circulation. It truly is the 21st century now as machines are now allowing humans to enjoy the comforts without putting in as much effort. Instead of visiting a massage parlor or spa, you can just use this handheld device and relax just about anywhere.

As you know, massage could come in the form of manual hand massage or the new and advanced massage gun tool. We can say that both are effective and it’s up to you on what you prefer. But based on convenience and long term effectivity, it has been proven that the machine tool tops the list. Athletes use it in the modern game and competition scheme. Apart from it being easy to use, you can also adjust the speed and pressure which allows you to take control. There are even massage guns that are silenced for a relaxed vibe! What are its benefits and why should you buy it?

  1. It improves blood flow in the body’s affected area which allows faster and higher recovery time. This is best for those with injuries and athletes.
  2. The massage gun increases the growth of hormones and oxygen supply in the body allowing faster healing.
  3. It’s super easy to use and can be carried anywhere- everywhere!
  4. Accumulates lactic acid which is responsible for preventing fatigue and soreness.
  5. Faster results in just a matter of minutes or lesser time. Note that this also depends on the severity of the injury and the soreness of the muscle tissue.

While there may be a lot of points to consider while making sure that buying the massage gun is the best for you, there are no major disadvantages pointed out by massage gun reviews out there. Apart from it being relatively expensive and would need maintenance regularly, you’re up for your dime with this masseuse on the go product.

What Massage Gun Reviews have to Say: Is it worth it?

Price has been a major concern in getting or buying a massage gun. But according to a majority of polls and surveys conducted, the one-time cost could save you from a lot of hassle, pain, and the trip to a massage parlor. Cost-wise, it is undeniably expensive. But if you are an athlete or someone with constant pain and soreness issues, massage gun reviews have pointed out that this is a great investment for you! Not only is it helpful for muscle and tissue issues, but it could also be a way of relaxation.

Foam rollers are still available in the market but it has also been proven that massage guns are a better version to combat pain in any body location. It is called the new pain killer of the 21st century. It’s being used in exercises, too. With the million-dollar question on whether it’s worth it or not, the answer is that for those in constant muscle pain, it is! A bit pricey- yes, but there is no question about its performance and effectiveness. If you are planning to buy one, we will point down right below what factors to consider so that you make the most value out of your money.

How to Use Massage Guns and Factors to Consider

When attempting to buy massage guns, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Amplitude
  • Rotations per Minute
  • Battery Life
  • Sound Level
  • Attachment Heads
  • Weight and Design

Make sure you read reviews and then determine what you need so that you can then narrow down your options. It’s also recommendable to follow on how it’s properly used to get the most out of it.

  1. Start Slow. Start from the lowest setting, increase if needed.
  2. Avoid the bone. Do not worry about any damage if a bone is included. But it would most likely be uncomfortable.
  3. Move the tool constantly. Make sure you’re not staying in a spot or pressing that hard- keep it moving to different spots.

One major tip when it comes to using a massage gun is that if something does not feel right, stop, and always be cautious. It isn’t a one-stop-shop for all your back issues and pains but it could ease pain and could be part of a holistic, overall plan. Despite all massage gun reviews saying it is worth it, the entire choice of purchasing one lies in your hands!

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