How To Relieve Neck And Shoulder Tension With Muscle Massage Gun

If you neglect your shoulder and neck, tightness in those places will eventually alter your posture and performance. This is why we recommend using a muscle massage gun to relieve tension in your neck and shoulder. Read on to find out how

Relieve Neck And Shoulder Tension With Muscle Massage Gun

How many people take the time to stretch their shoulders and neck before they start working out? You probably don’t do this. Why do we usually neglect the neck and shoulder? Most people would rather spend their time stretching some other body parts. The same happens with massage procedures. If we ask you, you would rather focus on your hips and hamstrings rather than your neck and shoulder, right? We agree that it is very important to stretch your main muscles for sports. You need this if you run, cycle, and/or perform in various endurance events. However, with time, if you neglect your shoulder and neck, tightness in those places will eventually alter your performance. This is why we recommend using a muscle massage gun to relieve tension in your neck and shoulder. With a good massage gun, you can relieve the tension in your shoulder and neck almost anywhere.

A tight shoulder and stiff neck are well-known problems for many people. Most times, these are caused by bad posture, stress, and low activity levels, among other causes. Using a massage gun regularly can do the trick for you and provide permanent relief. Remember, we said “regularly”. It is important to be consistent. You will get amazing, instant, and painless results. Massage guns would not only relieve tension, but it will also improve your flexibility. Many athletes, trainers, and everyday people now use this powerful tool.

A General Overview of Neck and Shoulder Tension

Stress is a common problem for our physical bodies. And you know, various things can cause stress. Our sitting posture, the way we stand, repetitive movements, and even temperature changes can cause stress. That’s not to mention our diet and thoughts.

Now think about it. What are the different ways you describe stress? Sometimes, you might say you have a nut in your gut, right? And then, you might say you feel uptight. Oh! How about when you say you’re shouldering a lot of responsibilities, or that something is becoming a “pain in the neck”?

Do you see any pattern there? All of those expressions refer to different body parts. Let’s zoom in on the last 2 expressions there. One talks about the shoulders and the other talks about the neck. This shows that these two areas are part of the prime repositories of stress in your body.

When there is stress, your neck muscles would react strongly. This could cause tightening and pain. This happens in the shoulder muscles as well. As the tension accumulates, it begins to cause pain and posture issues.

Well, massage and exercise can give you the relief you seek from this tension. One massage option is to use a massage gun. It is both simple and effective. More so, you can use it anywhere, anytime. You will get immediate relief.

Using Muscle Massage Gun to Relief Neck and Shoulder Tension

You can do this in 4 easy steps:

  1. First things first: Switch on your muscle massage gun before you put the device on your neck. We know that this precaution seems to be minor. But you must pay close attention to it. It is very important and affords better control. It could be dangerous if the massage gun is already resting on your body before powering it. You may experience some sort of jarring or even bruising. So be careful
  2. No pressure: Rest the muscle massage gun on your neck. Just allow the device to float. Don’t apply any pressure whatsoever.
  3. The massage proper: Glide the muscle portable gun over your neck muscles. Move it very slowly. One inch per second or even slower would be good. And if you encounter an area where there’s palpable tension or a knot, rest your massage gun on the spot for a while. But remember not to apply extra pressure.
  4. Breathe and relax: Make sure you are well relaxed. There should be no tension whatsoever. Take nice, relaxing, long breathes as you inhale and exhale. Allow yourself to feel the relaxation and relief.

That’s all you need to do. This would promote a better motion range and help relieve tension. You can also use it for your warm-ups and even post-workout recovery.

The way the muscle massage gun is designed, it would help to break up muscle adhesions, as well as improve muscle coordination. These are golden benefits for your neck and shoulder muscles.

It is quite difficult to find a good sleeping position when there’s tension in your shoulders and/or neck. As such, the simple 4-step procedure above can greatly enhance your sleep. More so, there will be less pain and soreness. Your posture would also be better over time.

And to cap it all up, muscle massage guns are very quiet. This is one major high point with those devices. They don’t make noise. So you can even massage your muscles right in your office. You will not be disturbing anyone. You can also use it at night without ruining anyone’s sleep.

It is also lightweight. So, feel free to carry it along while going to your office, or even on your vacation. It would not feel cumbersome at all.

Watch Your Posture

You will get help for your neck and shoulder muscles by using massage guns. However, you must also pay attention to your posture.

The way the human brain works is peculiar. It sends nerve signals to trigger the movement of your muscles. And these movements are of 2 natures. The muscles would either relax or contract, depending on what the nerve signal dictates per time.

Muscle tension refers to the situation when your muscles stay contracted even when they have received relaxing signals from your brain. If this continues long enough, it would start causing pain.

When it comes to neck and shoulder muscles, one of the major causes of tension is poor posture. So, you must work on improving your posture. Even if you are using a massage gun, this is still very important.

You should avoid slouching in your chair or hunching over your computer all day. These poor postures are prime causes of neck and shoulder muscle tension. Anyways, for the tension that has built up already, you can relieve it with a muscle massage gun.

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