MusclePharm Pre-Workout Powder

The formulation of Muscle Pharm Pre-workout Powder is keen on giving one an increase in his/her overall muscle strength and of course endurance. It does so by lessening the degradation and fatigue of one’s muscles. It thus then restores your body’s ATP and in turn your mental alertness.

Ever since the Greeks depicted gods with chiseled abdominal muscles and symmetrical muscles laid out perfectly all throughout their bodies, men have sought to match what mythology has etched. Now we see men who can be likened to the image of Hercules, women who have chiseled and toned muscles to match that of Artemis. Some to the extent that they blur the lines between the symmetrical beauty we see in mythological ideals that humans have set and so the race began to build that sort of body and in that race all sorts of ideas on how to improve have popped out like mushrooms in a lush green forest. Informal or traditional ways of bodybuilding started way back in Greece and Egypt. The people of these times and cultures used rocks of varying weight and sizes to lift as a makeshift dumbbell or weights itself. Then came a radical change to the old traditions of lifting rocks and one particular man perfected the ways on how one can tone his physique.  Eugene Sandow who was born in 1867 had risen to be called the “father of bodybuilding” because of his chiseled physique sculpted only by sheer hard work in the art of bodybuilding. A whole lot of time passes by and Eugene Sandow’s sheer hard work can now be matched by supplements that can enhance the performance of athletes and bodybuilders around the world. We’re not saying that honest to goodness hard work is no longer needed. Hard work won’t be obsolete but sometimes that isn’t enough anymore or others would argue why to stop there when you can be so much more.

The Brand

A company custom made for those who want to be more and thus allows them to be more. A company with one of the largest repertoire in fitness guidelines, products, and anything for the bodybuilding, workout loving individual or athlete. A company dedicated to letting a customer be his/her best self through its list of workout guidelines, products, and such. One such product that they have to offer is the Assault Pre-workout powder. A pre-workout powder is a product that lets you do more because it gives you more. Assault is a Muscle Pharm Pre-Workout Powder that has a lot of benefits to one whose lifestyle is a bit more rigorous than others. People who workout are sometimes limited by their own body through their will is strong sometimes the body just can’t seem to agree. Assault as a pre-workout powder can enhance one’s capacity to do more sets, vary their degree of difficulty in a workout and therefore in the end achieve more workout goals. Assault Sports has what experts believe to be a gold mine for athletes and workout enthusiasts alike.

Is MusclePharm Pre-Workout tasty?

Assault Muscle Pharm Pre-Workout Powder has what experts call Creatine Monohydrate. This is key to keeping the body replenished or to be more precise it keeps the muscles replenished. It keeps the muscles hydrated enough to delay or even stop lactic acid building up to the muscles as one goes through a very extensive workout routine. The Creatine Monohydrate has the ability to refuel muscles by replenishing phosphate bonds that usually get lost mostly during extensive workouts. It also keeps you alert and energized with the energy and focus tandem of Caffeine Anhydrous and Acetyl-L-Carnitine. This in turn increases your muscle endurance and strength for a period of time while keeping you awake and focused. Experts in the field say that the most prominent feature found in the Assault Sports Pre-Workout Powder is its capacity to make your muscles endure longer and more rigorous workouts and not make you feel burned out which if you ask anyone who workout is pretty incredible since the goal is to do more.

Why MusclePharm Pre-Workout is better than competitors

Based on some sources, it is a good variant because it gives more energy boost than other products that are like it. It has Creatine Monohydrate which is its edge against other brands. This product, unlike others, focuses on solely bringing out an exaggerated push on strength and performance which ends up giving its consumers a much-needed replenished feeling when working out.

What are the benefits?

The formulation of Muscle Pharm Pre-workout Powder is keen on giving one an increase in his/her overall muscle strength and of course endurance. It does so by lessening the degradation and fatigue of one’s muscles. It thus then restores your body’s ATP and in turn your mental alertness. A plus factor is that this specific brand has been tested for banned substances and passed with flying colors as advertised by their marketing team.

What is the price? How does it compare to other products?

The Assault Pre-Workout powder is around $17.90 on Amazon, on another site it is around $21.32 while on its own website muscle pharm it is around $26.99. The variation of prices depends on the seller. It may seem that the lowest price you can get Assault Muscle-Pharm Pre-workout Powder is on Amazon however there are some discrepancies in both the quantity and quality of product buyers receive. That is from what you can read in the customer reviews available. Always watch out for fake sellers who might offer very low prices. If you want then you have to spend for it that’s what my grandma used to say.

Company information

The MusclePharm company has its own contacts from which you can correspond to any of them if you have inquiries. You can snail mail them or visit them at 4400 VANOWEN ST. BURBANK, CA 91505. You can give them a ring at +1-800-292-3909. And you can send them an email at [email protected]

Customer Reviews

A. 5 Positive Reviews

  • Will buy again
  • Help reduce soreness during workout
  • Works well and provides constant energy throughout
  • Preworkout boost
  • No side effects

B.5 Negative Reviews

  • Worst pre-workout
  • Gave the user no energy
  • Not worth the price
  • Has side effects like nausea and vomiting
  • May have caffeine

Where to buy

This pre-workout powder can be bought both from sellers on Amazon, MusclePharm, and from the Bodybuilding website. Here are the links to their siad pages for the amazon page,  for the Musclepharm website and this is for the other website, . Always do well to remember to shop wisely and never share sensitive and important information online.

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