MuscleTech Mass Gainer Protein

Muscletech mass gainer is a formula for weight gain that claims to be powerfully developed with vital mass building compounds shown by research to aid in the increase of muscle strength, size and it’s overall mass. Let’s see what brought about their claims.

MuscleTech Mass Gainer Protein

In the fitness world that we live in today, there are lots of equipment, supplements, and tools to help make it easier. Muscle builders, athletes and fitness trainers have lots of work to do, they are working tirelessly to meet their fitness goals and a little help is not bad. There are supplements that help in muscle building, faster muscle recovery, and muscle growth. While these supplements work from the insider there are tools that work on the exterior. Muscletech mass gainer is a supplement specially designed and formulated to increase muscle size, muscle strength, and general mass.

MuscleTech Mass Gainer Protein

There is not much information regarding this company on its homepage. But it is a growing brand that boasts of several products focused on muscle building and growth. Their Muscletech mass gainer is a special weight gain formula powerfully developed for the vital mass building which through research has been shown to increase the size, strength, general mass and accelerate recovery.


This equipment is packed with premium quality, high quantity calories. And has been scientifically proven to help in mass building. It has a scientifically enhanced validated compound for muscle building that helps in building muscle strength and size and hasten muscle recovery.


Muscletech mass builder is filled with premium, high-quality calories over 1,460 including 284gms of carbs providing energy, 70gms of high protein quality, essential minerals, glutamine, branched-chain amino acids per serving.

How to use a mass gainer?

For one serving, mix two scoops of this supplement in a cup of skim milk or cold water in your shaker cup or blender and drink twice daily. To get the best results to drink the first cup between breakfast time and lunchtime, next serving before you go to bed. For optimum health, you should drink about ten cups of water daily. Do not surpass two servings for a twenty-hour period. Make sure to read the label before using it and follow ordered directions.

Why this version is better than competitors

This version of mass gainer is better than its competitors because they have lots more nutrients than the others and the brand gives you lots of products to choose from.


Fitness or pre-workout supplements have some ingredients that enhance athletic performance. However, there is limited research on their effectiveness but a few studies have suggested that specific ingredients may boost athletic performance. They include:

Presence of Amino Acids

Muscletech Mass gainer contains several amino acids. Amino acids are compounds that are grouped into two. One group is produced In the body while the other groups are obtained from the diet. They all play vital roles in the body.

There is a special category of amino acids called branched-chain amino acids that are known to carry out several important roles especially in the area of bodybuilding. Muscle tech makes use of these groups of amino acids in its product. They help in muscle recovery, growth, and repair.

In fact, some people take branched amino acid supplements alone to get the benefits but MuscleTech combines it along with another nutrient so you can also get the positive effect of other nutrients.

Precursors of nitric oxide

The compound nitric oxide is naturally produced in the body for improving blood flow and relaxing blood vessels. Some common compounds used in your body to make this nitric oxide are found in most pre-workout supplements. They include L-citrulline, L-arginine, and dietary nitrates sources like beetroot juice.

Supplementing these compounds will boost your oxygen supply and transport nutrients to the muscle potentially improving athletic performance. But since most studies for this focused on several young men, it is still unclear if the results can be applied to other groups. There is a need for more research here.


Pre Workout supplements usually use caffeine to increase focus and energy. This is a popular stimulant that improves memory, mental alertness, fat burning, and exercise performance.


This is a naturally produced chemical compound in the body stored primarily in the skeletal muscles where it carries out vital roles in muscular strength and energy production. Creatine supplements are actually popular among bodybuilders, power athletes, and weight lifters.

Studies suggest that creatine supplementation can improve the body’s supply of creatine this aiding to improve muscle mass, recovery time, exercise performance, and muscle strength.


Although these supplements are generally considered safe it still has some potential downsides to it.

Here are some possible mass gainer effects;

Artificial sugar alcohols and sweeteners

Some supplements contain sugar alcohol and artificial sweeteners. Their purpose is mainly to enhance the flavor of the supplement with no added calories. But some of these sweeteners may lead to discomfort and intestinal distress. High doses of sugar alcohol, in particular, may cause uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, diarrhea and has which could interrupt your workout.

There are reports of similar digestive issues from eating sweeteners such as sucralose. Although no scientific proof exists to validate this.

Too much caffeine

Caffeine is the main boosting element of supplements and excessive intake if it may cause negative effective impaired anxiety, sleep, and blood pressure.

Safety and quality

Most countries do not regulate supplements closely including the US. This you may not want to believe 100% everything you see on the product label as they may be misleading or inaccurate. Even the best mass gainer supplements could be nothing but a well-packaged lie.

It is better to seek your doctor’s counsel before going ahead to use any supplement at all. You can also seek the advice of professional weight trainers if you are confused about how to go about these supplement issues.


A lack of this supplement is sold at $35. Slightly expensive compared to others but the value makes it with it.

Company Information

If the product does not satisfy you, there is an avenue to exchange or return it in an unused condition within thirty days of purchase. You get a 100% refund, handling, and less shipping charges.

Contact customer service for directions on how to go about the refund process. Note that the customers pay the charges for return shipping.

And returns are only allowed for product purchases at the brand online store.

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

  • A perfect combination to build some serious muscle.
  • Cookies and cream are pretty good and strawberry is really good.
  • Helped pack on a lot of muscle mass.
  • Amazing product
  • Taste great

5 negative reviews

  • Too thick and too much filler
  • Vanilla tastes bad
  • Super sweet
  • Hard to mix well
  • Not worth the money

Where to buy

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