What Is Percussion Massage Plus Different Types Of Massage

We experience muscle pain from time to time due to old age, injury and workout out and the percussion massage might just help you with that! Other massage types are in store for you, too. Read on to know more.

Hand Holding Percussion Massage

We experience muscle pain from time to time due to old age, injury, and workout out, and the percussion massage can ease the pain and help solve it. Would you like to keep that muscle pain in the bay and make it go away altogether? The percussion massage is here for you. Or any other massage method could help out, too. The world has many able-bodied minds creating massages to help relax muscles, soothe, and aide aching tissues as well as give total relaxation to the body.

A survey conducted in 2019 revealed that on average, 19% of Americans received at least one massage per month, and 31% of Americans have tried to have massages of all kinds, including percussion massage, in the last five years. Isn’t that amazing? That just goes to show how the massage industry is booming. There is an expected employment growth of 22% for massage therapists from this year up until the year 2028, and this is a much faster growth rate compared to other occupations across the US. That only means that there are training and more openings for massage therapists in the coming years to support the demand of the massage industry. Now, if you’d like to know more about the percussion massage and massage in general, read on to get to know more about the booming industry.

Massage in a Bottle

You might have seen in spas or in television shows on how massages work, but there indeed is more than meets the eye. A massage could do so much more than a rub and knead the back, arms, and leg using the hands. A full body massage would include the legs, arms, feet, hands, stomach, back, neck, and buttocks. It focuses on the different parts of your body and then targets the pressure there to relieve pain, tension, and eventually leads to healing and calming effects. Usually, massages are performed by a trained massage therapist. Not only is this a booming industry, but it also gives hope to those who are disabled in ways to earn a living. The blind, mute, and deaf are being trained to become massage therapists so that they can earn a living.

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and the same goes for spa and massage therapies. It reduces stress and a day at the spa is a delightful way to spend your Friday evening after a very stressful week. It also improves blood circulation allowing the blood to go to where it needs to deliver blood parts in the body, thus reducing pain and tension in the body due to veins not being in its right place. With that list being laid out, there is so much to know about massage therapy and what it offers. But it’s also important for us to check on what massages are out there including the most talked-about percussion massage to learn more about what massage you could get depending on your need.

What Is Percussion Massage

Percussion Massage: What it is and its Benefits

Do you watch the NBA or national basketball in your telly? Well, coaches or trainers use percussion massagers on the players regularly during a game. You might be asking, what then is a percussion massager? It’s one of the many massage types where it delivers consecutive, fast blows in the concerned area of the body that would pierce through the soft tissue muscle. This promotes tissue repair, relief from pain, and relaxation. This is perfect for athletes in-game as percussion massage is usually done with a massage tool but a masseuse could also do it. The therapist would do light but quick strokes from the wrist and the hand. This method accelerates the repair of the tissues by increasing the flow of the blood in the affected area.

It is mentioned above the athletes usually get this because it can expedite or fasten the repair of the muscle tissues due to injury or trauma. Below are also some of the great benefits of a percussion massage in the body.

  1. Wellness Benefits. Percussion Massage lowers down blood pressure while allowing the body to have a fitful sleep. It also enhances immunity and balances the autonomic nervous system.
  2. Reduces Levels of Stress. Since it improves blood circulation in the body, percussion massage then allows relaxation and deeper levels of breathing. This then makes it a perfect aid for reducing anxiety and stress.
  3. Scarring and Cosmetic Procedures. This massage breaks down scar tissue and helps free adhesions. It can also decrease inflammation due to cosmetic procedures and fastens the recovery and healing time.
  4. Athletic Performance is Enhanced. Trainers and athlete coaches use a percussion massager tool on athletes all the time. Kyrie Irving, a basketball superstar, receives a percussion massage to help prevent cramping. It’s being given to him during breaks and timeouts. The percussion massage generates at least 30 times more contractions in the muscle and would help enhance recovery time and muscle strength. Isn’t that awesome?
  5. Convenient. Since you can get a percussion massage with a percussion massager tool, it’s way more convenient to have this than to go to a local spa or massage to get your body pampering. It’s handy plus easy to use! What more is there to ask for?

Other Types of Massages

We have already pointed out how extremely convenient and helpful it is to use a percussion massage tool and the massage altogether. Below are some of the most used type to choose from:

  • Swedish Massage. This is the most common massage there is and it’s perfect for those who are new to getting a massage. It can help ease and release knots in the muscle and could give you full relaxation.
  • Massage in hot stone. This is a massage very much like a Swedish massage. The only difference is that instead of using all the hands, the therapist adds in heated stones to improve blood flow, relieve stress, and remove muscle tension.
  • Reflexology. Reflexology mainly focuses on the feet, ears, and hands. This massage puts pressure points to restore and regain normal energy levels.

There are so many massages to choose from and it’s always best to know which one works for you best. One thing to always remember is that not only does it provide a relaxing experience, it also gives way for you and your body to be emotionally, physically, and mentally better. And always tell the therapist what you expect and the intention for the massage so that they can assess what needs to be done. And if you aren’t comfortable about doing it in a spa, the percussion massage tool might just be the best friend waiting for you!

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