Top Keto Books 2019

Are you looking for the latest and greatest information about the ketogenic diet? In this article, we made a list of the top keto books 2019 to consider.

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Are you a keto diet newbie or guru? In both cases, there’s always something new to learn. The ketogenic has been around since the 1920s when it was used for diseases like diabetes and epilepsy. While it can still help to treat those conditions it’s now mostly used for general health/wellness and weight loss. In a sense, keto has spun off other low-carb diets by focusing more on healthy fats. You can continue to learn more about this game-changing diet through sources like top keto books 2019. The diet has become a popular diet like Paleo, Vegan, and Intermittent Fasting (IF). As a result, you won’t have any problems finding books that focus on different topics ranging from complete guides to fat bombs.

You might be surprised by how many books are available about the keto diet. For example, there are books that include modified keto diets for women, athletes, and vegans. You can also find recipe books and ones that teach how to combine keto with other diets like intermittent fasting (IF). There’s something for everyone if you want to learn more about the low-carb diet. One thing to keep in mind is the books vary in quality so it can be tough to pick the top keto books 2019.  

What’s the Ketogenic Diet All About?

This is a critical question to answer first since you’ll want to know whether or not it’s the right diet for you. The ketogenic diet is named after the metabolic state of “ketosis” the body enters when it doesn’t get enough carbs.

When that happens, ketosis involves converting stored fat into energy and the liver producing more “ketones.” This helps the body get all the energy it needs to function properly. The process is different from getting energy from food but it’s still critical for keeping the brain/body fueled during the day.

The keto diet has been trending in recent years but it’s actually existed since the 1920s. Yes, that’s right. The ketogenic diet has existed for nearly one century. The difference is it was used to treat diseases like diabetes and epilepsy.

When on the keto diet it’s critical to stay in ketosis by eating low carb/high fat (LCHF) foods. This includes ones like fatty fish, low-starch veggies, fruits like avocados, some dairy, and healthy oils like coconut and olive.

You’ll want to reduce carbs while on keto to make sure you don’t get kicked out of ketosis. That’s something you’ll want to avoid since it will prevent you from maximizing your weight loss while on the diet.

You can also check your ketone level through various tests including urine and blood. These tests help to verify that you’re still in ketosis, which is critical throughout the day. For example, certain foods can cause blood sugar spikes that can negatively affect how much weight you lose.

The basic keto diet is 70% fats, 20% protein, and 10% carbs. There’s some leeway in modified keto diets, which include ones with slightly higher protein/fats, or lower carbs. There are also versions for different groups like vegans or women. One of the latest keto versions is Keto-Alkaline.

Top Keto Books 2019

1. Keto Diet by Dr. Josh Axe

If you’re looking for a good overall book about the keto diet then this is a good option. Dr. Axe is a nutritionist and chiropractor. The book provides content like recipes, shopping lists, and exercises. Another plus is it provides science that the diet is based on.

This is easily one of the top keto books 2019 for people starting out on the diet. The 30-day plan also allows your body to adjust to the diet. This includes something called the “keto flu” that might involve headaches, low-energy, and other symptoms.

However, one issue that the book doesn’t fully address is how to tweak keto so you can stay on the diet plan long-term.

2. Complete Keto by Drew Manning

This book includes a 30-day plan, which is helpful for readers who are just getting started on the keto diet. Some people might decide to stay on keto after the original first month. The book includes a long-term plan for people who want to stay on keto forever, for example.

This book has some good information. However, one drawback is it’s written by a fitness expert instead of a doctor. This is evident in the bookmaking some claims about keto’s benefits that haven’t involved much scientific research.

However, on the plus side, the book contains nearly 80 keto-friendly recipes.

3. Keto for Women by Leanne Vogel

As the title suggests this book is catered for women who want to go on the keto diet. The book includes helpful information about specific issues women might have to deal with.

This book focuses on the importance of a healthy diet and good nutrition for women’s health. It also shares how the keto diet might help women specifically in terms of health and wellness. The book also contains 100+ recipes.

The Keto Diet: Yesterday and Today

The history of the keto diet is quite different from most diets. It dates back to 1923 when the famous Mayo Clinic first used it to treat epilepsy. It’s incredible that today the diet is worth over $5 billion and has become one of the world’s most popular diets among Paleo and Vegan.

The diet’s popularity exploded when “butter coffee” started trending. Since then the keto diet has been featured in numerous products, books, and articles. You can find several publications that range from keto/intermittent fasting combos to the mini cheesecakes known as “fat bombs.”

It’s interesting that the original diet was actually 90% fat, 6% protein, and 4% carbs. Since then the macro percentages have been tweaked somewhat. However, it’s still low-carb and high-fat, with protein getting bumped up to mid-range.

It’s believed going into ketosis can provide several benefits like appetite control, weight loss, and lower blood sugar.

The plan has become a phenomenon in the diet world with tons of fans on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. This has resulted in lots of products including food items and cookbooks so you can prepare LCHF meals.

One of the trending products used by keto dieters is the super-fats known as MCTs. There’s a popular fatty acid from MCT known as C8 that’s become quite popular among keto enthusiasts.

Another big trend in recent years has been keto-friendly grass-fed butter. Last year sales spiked 45%.

Another popular food is low-carb foods, whose sales increased by over 10% in 2018. During that time no/low/reduced-fat items dipped 4%.

However, one of the most popular keto foods is Bulletproof Coffee. Sales surged 80% from 2012 to 2018. The producer now sells other products like coffee pods and MCT oil. Bulletproof also raised $40M from a Starbucks investor, which shows the diet trending like top keto books 2019.

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