Go Anywhere With The Travel Foam Roller

Having travel foam rollers in your backpack can be very useful and is encouraged for those who may have need of it. These rollers are especially portable and can be carried anywhere. Read on to find out what more we know about these rollers.

Man using travel foam roller

The use of foam rollers is a not too old self-myofascial release technique. This technique helps in relieving soreness, muscle tightness, increase the motion of the joint range, and inflammation. These rollers are effective for warm-up sessions or to cool down, after, or before any exercise. Travel foam rollers make it even easier, as they are portable and can fit into your backpack comfortably. With them, you may not have to worry about relieving body pains when on a hiking trip and the nearest spa or gym is kilometers away.

However, note that foam roller benefits differ amongst individuals, but there are also potential risks attached to it. This will depend on several factors, such as manner of use, type of foam roller, and frequency. As you read on you will get to understand more about the foam rolling technique and how to use them for optimal benefits.

Benefits of Travel Foam Roller

Here are some of the way you can benefit from a handy travel-sized foam roller:

1. You can carry it anywhere

Unlike your bulky regular foam roller, which is almost impossible to go around with, your travel foam roller can easily fit into your backpack. Some people try to cut the regular roller into half, but that does not work either.

The absence of your foam roller may affect your body’s regeneration and recovery negatively. But travel roller has been designed as an answer to this problem, so you now can access your portable massage 24/7.

With it, you can go pretty much anywhere – the gym, field trips, vacations, your home, or your travel backpack. Its weight is just about 1.5 lbs. It also has a hollow inner with a solid interior core that will not soften or break down and is used as inner storage.

You will be surprised that you can store your cell phones, acupressure balls, keys, mobility bands, and water bottles in there. You can even sneak in your wine for the vacation. How cool is that? You see that beyond its role in massaging and relieving your pain, travel rollers can also help save space while packing.

2. Precise massage

A travel roller offers you quick and effective self-massage throughout your body. You can seamlessly roll through your hamstrings, calves, quads, glutes, neck, back, or any painful and tight area.

The reason why it is effective and quick its small maneuverable shape and diameter. It has just the right amount of firmness to give a good deep massage. In addition to this, it also eliminates muscle inhibition and improves muscle function.

A regular foam roller has a diameter of about 6 inches, and this occupies a large surface area resulting in more tissues squashed at once. Also, the softer density and size are not effective in cause any physiological effect in the tissue.

You will also find it hard to specify any trigger areas and to apply adequate pressure on your regular foam roller because of its big size and foam that compresses over time.

3. You can use any surface

With a travel roller, you can make use of any surface. However, you need to be careful to avoid injury because travel rollers are generally slippery and may poses danger, so you should proceed with caution. A travel roller will grip nicely to your yoga mats, home carpets, and gym floors.

Another benefit is that travel roller sticks on surfaces and walls. This allows you to massage your upper body parts deeply. This move is great for beginners who want to reach their tight, sore shoulders with the different rolling techniques of travel roller.

The Safety Of Foam Rolling

People who exercise regularly or are experiencing muscle tightness can do the foam rolling technique, it is considered safe for them, unlike those serious injuries like muscle break or tears. The latter can only use foam rollers upon recommendations from their physical therapist or doctor.

Also, do not use foam rollers on smaller joints such as your elbows, knees, and ankles as that may lead to hyper-extension or damage. You should roll your calves and quads separately, intentionally avoiding your knee area.

Pregnant women may find relief from their tension if foam rolled. But this should first be check with a doctor, and during the late phase of pregnancy, do not lie on the back for foam rolling. Also, skip rolling your calves the last trimester to avoid premature labor. You can talk to a doctor about this.

Basics of Foam Rolling

For those who have never tried foam rolling and would like to carry the tool along with you on your next adventure trip, there are lots of beginners friendly foam rolling videos on the internet. These videos will guide you through the basics of foam rolling.

Your gym trainer could also show you how to foam roll or you could register for a foam rolling class, you will find one if you search well enough. Here are a few general tips as you get started;

  1. Start with low pressure and gradually build it up as you become accustomed to it. If you begin with high pressure it may be painful especially if you have muscle tightness. A good way to adjust the pressure is to reduce body weight right being placed on the roller. For example, when rolling your calf, use arm support to reduce the weight on your roller.
  2. Roll the soft areas slowly for ten seconds, then work it up to thirty and sixty seconds
  3. To aid recovery, drink enough water after foam rolling.

With these few tips and the other guides from video online, you will set for a great foam rolling experience. Travel foam rollers are your best go-to, just ensure that you pick the right one.

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