Trigger Point Foam Roller

Trigger Point Foam Roller has distinct features that offer superior durability and effectiveness. It enhances muscle health and delivers the precision massage of MSR Therapy. Read on to find out more

Trigger point foam roller

Trigger Point Foam Roller has distinct features that offer superior durability and effectiveness. It is indeed a revolutionary tool. The manufacturers of this product base their design on a good grid system with varying densities and widths. This way, you can control its intensity levels by simply changing the position of the Grid. When you use this tool, it will enhance the flow of oxygen and blood to and through your muscles. It will also re-create elasticity in your muscles and deliver the precision massage of MSR Therapy.

It is made with solid and secure EVA foam. The foam lasts long and doesn’t break down as a result of normal day-to-day personal use. That is to say that its sturdy construction can withstand repeated use. Its integrity and shape will not be compromised. This lightweight tool, weighing less than 1 kg, has a distinctive and multi-dimensional surface. This surface helps to heal tissue, enhance recovery, relieve joint and muscle pain, as well as improve flexibility, mobility, and balance.

Is it safe to use?

Generally speaking, foam rollers are considered safe. Those who exercise regularly or experience muscle tension or tightness can use it.

However, it may not be safe if there is an existing severe injury. This includes muscle break or tear. In case of such injuries, make sure to get your physician’s consent or that of a physiotherapist before you use the TriggerPoint foam roller.

It may also not be safe to use this roller on small joints, such as your elbows, ankles, and knees. If you do, you might hyperextend the joint or cause damage.

Pregnant women can also benefit from using this tool. But they should ask their attending physician first. If your pregnancy is past 6 months, don’t roll out your calves. It could trigger premature labor.


  • The design is patented: With its patented design, this brand is the very first that has a multi-density surface and a hollow center. This is the ideal pattern to roll through knots, kinks, and tight muscles.
  • It has won the trust of professionals: The superior durability and effectiveness of this tool have been proven and endorsed by professionals. Expert massage therapists trust this tool a lot. Even physical therapists, professional athletes, and athletic trainers use, love, and endorse it.
  • Durable Construction: The EVA foam that covers the grid and hollow center of this tool is durable and multi-density. It can withstand continuous use without losing its integrity and shape.


You can use the TriggerPoint foam roller before you start your workout sessions. You can also add it to your post-workout cool-down regimen. These will help reduce sore feeling, which otherwise often lasts for days after workout sessions.

If you usually stand or sit for long hours at your job, you might consider using it daily after you get home. You can also use it whenever you have pains and aches.

In essence, you can create a schedule that fits and works best in your case. You don’t have to stress yourself about keeping a strict daily schedule. You can just roll whenever you think it’s needed. And you can use this tool anytime you’re free or less busy. It all depends on what you deem fit per time. You should notice the results almost immediately.

If you want the fullest benefits from this tool, roll regularly. More so, focus on your muscles alone.

What are the side effects, if any?

Well, every fitness routine could cause some sort of soreness. But then, using a foam roller has no serious side effects.

Note that this product should not hurt or cause pain. If this happens and the pain is much, stop immediately and get medical attention.

What Are The Benefits of Trigger Point Foam Roller?

1. Relieves muscle pain

This is one workout tool that can ease muscle soreness and help reduce inflammation. A recent expert study (using only 8 male participants) concluded that foam rollers can reduce DOMS when used after exercise. You might want to consider adding foam rolling to your post-workout regimen.

2. Relieves back pain

TriggerPoint roller also eases back tension. We decided to mention this separately because you must take special caution while using the tool on your back. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, you might injure or strain your back more.

If you are using the foam roller for your lower back, make sure it is in a vertical position. That is, in a straight line with the spine. Then, roll slowly from one side to the other.

3. Increases motion range

This workout tool may also help to increase your motion range. However, we need more research to establish this claim.

Motion range is very vital for performance and flexibility. Researchers tell us that combining static stretching with foam rolling was more effective than using just either of the two. They say the combination seems to have better effects on a person’s motion range.

4. Boots relaxation

Lots of people hail foam rolling for being relaxing. When you use this roller, it would break up muscle tightness. This would, in turn, reduce tension and promote calmness. What better way is there to boost relaxation than this?

What Is The Price?

A 13-inch size trigger point roller cost 34.95 USD on Amazon. This is a friendly price when you compare this product with other brands of similar quality.

Company Information

Warranty Info

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

Kindle Customer


Perfect to help stretch tense neck muscles.

I bought this as a lightning deal, not knowing what exactly to expect, but thinking my husband who is chronically tight in his shoulders and neck could somehow use this. A Christmas gift for a man who has everything, I was surprised by his daily, if not twice-daily use of this roller. It took him about a week to figure out how best to use it for maximum benefit and now has no idea how he ever lived without it.

This is a great product, and there isn’t one competitor that comes close to the trigger point brand. I’ve had mine for 7 or 8 years now I think, and has been a great help.


Amazon Customer


Runner’s Best Friend

I run recreationally, but like many, I enjoy pushing myself hard and find myself with considerable muscle soreness after really long runs.

Rolling out my legs before, and giving special attention to sore muscles after my workouts, changes everything. Before rolling, my calves would be so sore and tired immediately after running that I could barely walk straight; with this foam roller, I feel more recovered 20 minutes after a workout than I used to 2 hours after. It’s not merely superficial pain relief either, I can go from walking with a compensating limp from soreness to walking with vigor after a few minutes with this.

More than that, I’ve been able to work out considerably more often, and I feel more confident than ever that I’m working out injury free thanks to rolling my ITB and other problem areas before running. In the month after ordering and using this roller, I dropped nearly a minute from my 10k pace – about 5 minutes from my total time.

Be aware that this is not a massage roller. Although I’ve said it helps with pain relief, rolling with this may hurt a bit itself at first. To call this “firm” is maybe unfair, because its core is completely rigid, covered with a foam layer just thick enough to give it texture and grip so it can be used effectively. The first dozen or so times you use it, you may need to ease your weight onto it and take it easy. However, I found that after a week or so it not only didn’t hurt, it felt outright good – I would go so far as to say comfortable thanks to the excellent foam layer. Having used this, I can’t imagine hoping for comparable results out of a compressible, all-foam roller.

As for the rest, this roller is simply well designed. It’s lightweight, very durable and water resistant (including sweat), the foam layer doesn’t look stressed out or cracked from use, even though I live in an extremely, disturbingly dry climate. Nothing is peeling, nothing is deformed, nothing shows even the slightest sign of wear. It’s as good as the day I bought it, and I wouldn’t hesitate to pack it in my gym bag or trunk without fear of crushing the shape. Top notch, look forward to years of happy use.


Amazon Customer


Good quality, not aggressive.

This works well except the foam patterns aren’t aggressive enough. I use this primarily on my entire back and sometimes a leg, but I can NOT feel any of the differences in the foam.

*Update* With continuing back issues that may never completely clear up, I’ve started using this more frequently, and in certain situations where my back starts cramping, I can roll across this while fully exhaled and usually get a couple small pops from my spine. While this may be dangerous for some, it has actually helped me get relief in between chiropractor visits, and lessening the severity of my muscle tightness. When I stretch my back out with this, I usually place it on my bed to lower the aggression some, and give a little more flexibility in rolling across it. My back gently slips everything back into place, and I don’t feel crippled after giving my dog a bath. Working in positions that can require me to slightly hunch over usually facilitate my need to use this, but after a few minutes on this, I’m usually pretty good after. My chiropractor is still necessary for other parts that I can’t get with this, more up between the shoulder area, but it does give me some major benefit, and for that I’m increasing to 5 stars.

*SIDE NOTE* If you have serious disc issues, talk to a chiropractor before using this, you could hurt yourself worse. I do not have any KNOWN disc issues in my back, and have used a pool noodle with good success to stretch my back. This was just an upgraded version that I don’t have to worry about my dogs tearing up or my wife losing.


James Six


This foam roller has been great for me to use on about a daily basis …

I am a runner that has constantly battled knee and shin issues and have lately developed tightness in my IT band. This foam roller has been great for me to use on about a daily basis and its showing very little signs of wear on it and its keeping its shape well. I have used a more simple roller before and every my not large 155 lb frame started to break them down where there was a definite wear spot in the middle. With this guy, no issues with that at all. Its light and easy for me to store while still giving me all the benefits of foam rolling and keeping my muscles loose. My physical therapist even told me that this is the one that he prefers and was glad that I could use it at home in addition to my appointments with him and this is the roller he recommends.

5 negative reviews


sarah t


Seems to be a scam. Product not as described. Check other recent reviews.

Definitely not the product in the image. Does not match the product description either. Claims to be 13.5×5.5″ – is instead 11.5×3″. Seems like this is happening to others. Not sure why this was labelled as “Amazon’s Choice” seller.

Mary K.

Hard as a rock, don’t buy!

Hard as a rock and excruciating on sore muscles. You can’t access the videos unless you create an account… I finally finished the create account page and the web site went down. Packed it back in the box and sent it back!

Tenzin S.


Fake. Do not buy

Just like a lot of the other reviewers had mentioned, the product received was not the correct item described or shown in the pictures. This was a gift to a family member and when they received the item, they had mentioned it was really small and it didn’t even match the dimensions in the description. I would buy this in person at a sports store or else where.



Hated it

This thing is useless. Can’t imagine what I was thinking of, buying such an impractical size roller! It’s too thick, heavy, and SHORT.

Bought it on my PT’s advice to help reduce tension in my quads and thighs but it just does not do that.

Returned it and ordered a much slimmer roller with two handles so that you can have a little control over pressure and also reach places this one can’t.

Finally, this thing is too expensive. No reason on earth for it to cost close to 40 bucks (and when did Amazon start charging tax?? Ugh!) The replacement roller I just ordered cost $10 and I am willing to bet will work a whole lot better.



Wrong color, wrong dimensions, wrong texture.

Received a completely different product. Although the sticker did say Lime!

Where to buy

You can buy this product from sports stores nationwide. It is also available on various online stores, including Amazon.

Link to the product page:

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