How To Use A Foam Roller to Relieve Neck Pain

Using a foam roller on the neck can be effective for treating neck pain. Learn how to use it correctly and safely in this article.

Foam roller neck

Are you experiencing some pains in your neck? It’s quite common, and there are various causes, which include muscle and joint conditions, injuries, bad posture, and so on. Regardless of the cause, you’ll want to experience relief when you have pain and discomfort. Using a foam roller on neck to relieve pain is one option. This can be a store-bought version or a DIY one that you can make with a PVC pipe, yoga mat, and duct tape. You can make a DIY foam roller for about $1 if you already have a yoga mat.

It might be surprising, but muscle, joint, and bone pain are the most common causes of neck pains. Muscle spasms can also cause neck pain. Knowing the real cause of your neck pain is critical to make sure you get the best treatment.

Understanding your symptom and what’s causing them will help you determine whether you can use a foam roller to treat your neck pain. Likewise, knowing how to use a foam roller and different stretches/exercises you can do to get the best results when treating different neck issues is also vital.

What Causes Neck Pain?

The human neck has three paired muscles. Experiencing pain in these muscles can be excruciating. The good news is there are effective ways to treat the pain; these include using foam rollers. However, the process starts with learning the root cause of the neck pain/discomfort.

Muscle issues are among the most common causes of neck pain. It can happen when there’s long-term physical or emotional stress. This can result in hard knots that are tender. This is one instance where you can use a foam roller for treatment.

Another common muscle tissue is muscle spasm. This is a sudden tightening of the neck muscles. This can cause the neck to feel knotted and makes it difficult to turn the neck. If you wake up with a painful, stiff neck then there’s a good chance it’s a muscle spasm.

Muscle spasms can be caused by muscle injuries or response to nerve issues or spinal disc. Another possible cause might be emotional stress. Sometimes there’s no clear cause of the muscle spasms. It’s important to have your doctor check out everything.

There are several other causes of neck pain. They include headaches that sometimes radiate to the neck. Headaches are quite common, but sometimes they can also cause pain in nearby areas besides the head.

Then various other causes of neck pain are related to other body parts. They include nerve, joint, and bone pain. If you’re unsure of the real cause of your neck pain, it is advisable to see a doctor.

He/She can then prescribe treatment for neck pain. This might even include a foam roller to help deal with issues like muscle knots that develop in the neck.

Foam Roller Neck: Treating Neck Pain

Stretch Chest Muscles

When you have tight chest muscles this can cause rounded shoulders, which can often trigger neck pain. You can use a foam roller to do a chest stretch. This improves posture and protects the neck. Here are the steps to take:

Put the foam roller on the ground vertically and sit on one end. Keep knees bent and your feet on the floor. Lie back on the foam roller so it’s aligned with the spine. Make sure you don’t move. Put the arms on your sides and hold the position for half a minute.

This particular position helps to pull shoulders back and provide an effective chest stretch. It is effective in dealing with neck muscles.

Roll out knots

Use the foam roller to roll out tender areas or trigger points in your neck muscles. Next, apply gentle but steady pressure to the area until the pain decreases. It is advisable that you only do this within a minute.

You can use the foam roller vertically or horizontally to roll out various neck muscles. When you roll vertically, roll each side of the spine. To get better results cross your arms over the chest. This helps to provide better access to muscles.

Skip lower back

It’s important to avoid using the foam roller on the lower back because the areas in the kidneys/liver are very sensitive. They’re not protected by the rib cage or spine. So it’s important not to put heavy pressure on the regions. This can help to prevent irritation and possible injury. If you have lower back pain some better options are yoga and stretching exercises.

Stop after severe pain

If you experience severe pain/discomfort then make sure to stop using the foam roller. This includes sharp/stabbing pain.

Tips to Prevent Neck Pain

Limit driving time

When possible limit how much time you spend behind the wheel during each day. If it’s part of your job you can still take steps. For example, you can take breaks from time to time that allows you to stretch your muscles including those in your neck.

You can also set an alarm so you remember to check your sitting posture while you’re driving. This can be used as a sort of reminder.

Another important step is to set the seat in a position that helps to support your neck and other parts effectively. That includes keeping it in a vertical position so the spine is aligned up well.

Use mobile devices effectively

There are various ways you can help to prevent neck pain when using a smartphone or tablet. Make sure that you hold the mobile device at eye-level. This will help to cause neck muscle problems by looking down at the mobile device continually.

Another basic step is to avoid holding the mobile device between your shoulder/ear. This might seem to be convenient but it can put a strain on your neck because it can put a strain on your neck muscles.

You should also take a 10-minute break within every hour of screen time. This can provide various benefits like allowing your eyes to rest. Even if you’re using the mobile device properly it can also give you a chance to stretch out your neck. This can help with issues like neck pain/spasms.

Use an ergonomic work station

It is especially important if you sit at a computer all day. There are ergonomic chairs that are different than standard ones and put your body in a more natural position. You should also make sure your display screen is arm’s length away from you. Meanwhile, your head should be level with the display to help prevent neck issues that require a foam roller neck.

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