Vibrating Foam Roller: Benefits, Risks And How To Use It

What makes them different from conventional foam rollers? What are the benefits of using them? Are there risks to beware of? How do you even use them? We will give answers to these questions as you read on.

Vibrating form roller

If you’re conversant with the latest workout trends, you’ll know that foam rollers have become the talk of the town. They are extremely beneficial tools for your workout. You should consider adding them to your versatile gym bag. The foam rolling technique is the same thing as the self-myofascial release technique, or SMR for short. This technique relieves inflammation, as well as muscle soreness and tightness. It also helps increase the motion range of joints. These days, vibrating foam rollers are becoming staple tools for sports training and physical therapy. What makes them different from conventional foam rollers? What are the benefits of using them? Are there risks to beware of? How do you even use them? We will give answers to these questions as you read on.

Foam rollers can help with your warm-up exercises. That way, your muscles would be more flexible during workouts and recover faster when you’re done. It is even better when you use it for your cool-down exercise too. But then, vibrating foam rollers take it one step higher than typical foam rollers. They combine the benefits of foam rollers with that of vibration. This combination delivers loads of benefits to your muscles. Regular foam rollers can’t match up to the benefits you will get from vibrating foam rollers. That’s settled; no controversy. Let’s explore this innovative product. Read on as we talk about them.

Benefits of a Vibrating Foam Roller

Vibrating foam rollers offer the kind of relief you can’t get from conventional massage rollers. The relief they deliver is at much deeper levels. A vibrating roller would give you a thoroughly enhanced foam rolling experience. It would also deliver a deeper and more effective effect for your muscle recovery.

A vibrating roller would be perfect for you if you use your muscles a lot. So, you might consider getting one if you’re into weightlifting, CrossFit, or yogi. If you move around a lot, you might need it too. It is a multi-speed device that you can set to meet your specific needs.

So, what are the benefits you would get from a vibrating foam roller that typical foam rollers won’t be able to give you? Here are some of them:

1. Helps to relieve muscle pain and soreness

Since the olden days, our ancestors have been using vibration for managing pain. In modern times, we divide pain management into rehabilitation and therapy. Vibration is very beneficial for both.

Science also supports using vibration therapy to manage pain. According to one expert study, when you apply vibration therapy for 25-45 minutes with moderate-level pressure, it could reduce muscle pain.

In the study, about 69% of patients who had acute and chronic muscle pain saw significant improvements. Not only did vibration therapy alleviate pain directly in sore muscles. But it also alleviated external pain in the trigger points that are not within the muscle.

2. It improves motion range

Vibrating rollers can help boost your muscle flexibility and motion range. Some experts say you can get as high as 40% improvement.

How do vibrating foam rollers accomplish this? Beneath your skin, there is a layer of fibers called fascia. Your fascia is like a layer of protection that wraps your bones, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels.

Now, here is the problem. Your fascia could form sticky adhesions between its surfaces. This often happens when a person doesn’t move regularly or well enough. As these adhesions become strong, they limit motion and cause pain.

You can use vibration to break up the adhesions. That way, there will be nothing to hinder or limit your motion range.

3. It can help improve your athletic performance

By improving your muscle strength and flexibility, vibrating foam rollers have a positive effect on athletic performance. You should try it out if you’re a professional athlete. Many high-profile athletes vouch for it. More so, it relieves tightness and soreness which, in turn, also boosts performance levels.

How to Use It

This tool is super-versatile for workouts. You can use it for yoga and massage, and everything in-between. But aside from your warm-up and cool-down sessions, you can also use it in the following ways

1. For foot massage

If you often remain standing for long hours, you should be using this tool. Your feet sure deserve adequate care. And this is the perfect tool that you need. Here’s how to use it:

  • Slip your shoes off
  • Stand and place the vibrating roller underneath the arch of your foot.
  • Switch the tool’s vibration setting on. Use the speed you’re most comfortable with
  • Apply gentle pressure to your foot arch. Doing this is simple. Just lean the foot forward.
  • Slowly, roll your foot backward and forward over the vibrating roller.

2. For trigger points

Trigger points refer to muscle areas that have a tight band. These areas do not release easily. You would typically have to apply pressure on them before they release.

If you release your trigger points, you will find relief from pain. This relief is usually not only immediate but also long-lasting. Aside from pain relief, releasing your pressure points will also enhance your sleep and make it more restful.

Here’s how to use vibrating rollers for releasing upper back trigger points:

  • Place the vibrating roller under your two shoulder blades and switch it on.
  • Now, put your arms either ahead of you or at the back of your neck.
  • Raise your hips from the floor while gently applying pressure for about 1 minute. Alternatively, simply relax while your hips are still on the ground. Remain like that for 1 minute. If there is no release after 1 minute, you can stay a little longer.

3. For intensifying lunges

Lunges are good exercise regimens for building your leg power and strength. You can intensify lunges with vibrating rollers. When you do this, you will get the added benefits of having an improved balance.

Here’s how to use vibrating rollers for your lunges:

  • Place one of your feet on the vibrating roller
  • Extend that leg to the back
  • Now, bend your knee in front while going back into the lunge position.
  • As you arise from the lunge position, draw the vibrating roller inwards towards you.

Are There Any Risks?

Vibrating foam rollers are generally safe. But if you experience any form of muscle tightness while using a vibrating foam roller, you should stop and seek medical counsel. Also, avoid using a vibrating roller if you have any serious injury or if you are carrying a pregnancy. Aside from these, vibrating rollers are safe if you follow the usage instructions.

 Vibrating foam roller

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