What Is A Massage Gun And How It Helps With Muscle Recovery

A massage gun is an addition to the many relaxation tools made for the public to enjoy. What are these, and why is it being so popular that even basketball superstars use it in their games? Have you seen videos on Youtube where chiropractors pop the patient’s back, and later on in the video, a

Massage Gun

A massage gun is an addition to the many relaxation tools made for the public to enjoy. What are these, and why is it being so popular that even basketball superstars use it in their games? Have you seen videos on Youtube where chiropractors pop the patient’s back, and later on in the video, a drill-like device is being used to finish off the routine? That’s what massage guns are. It is being used for soft tissue repair of the muscles and even for soreness, cramps, and injuries. It’s a perfect choice for those who’d like to carry their massage anywhere and everywhere they are. This is the reason why it is so popular among athletes and those who do the workout.

How then did these massage guns come about? Well, to kick things off, a massage gun is an aide for a percussion massage therapy. Percussion massage would give out slow shots but a deep blow of pulses right into the affected area. This could be done with the use of the massage gun, or it could be performed by a masseuse with the use of rap blows by the hands and wrists. Most prefer using the gun though, as it’s convenient and easy to use. If you want to learn more about this massage beast, feel free to scroll down and be amazed at what it can do.

Percussion Massage

The conception of massage guns has always been due to the percussive therapy. This kind of massage is called deep tissue or muscle stimulation as it goes all the way down to the affected muscle and tissue area and aides for faster and accelerates healing. Percussion therapy has been branded as the latest discovery when it comes to soft tissue treatment. Because of the enhanced flow of blood in the body and the tissues itself due to the rapid blows, it improves pain relief and other critical areas in the body. It also gives out a stretch in the muscles that enhances physical response, flexibility, and performance. Because of this, it’s been widely popular for athletes and gym-goers alike.

With traditional percussion therapy, it is most likely that human hands could not fully penetrate those areas that are hard to reach, and the root issue is not being taken care of. With the use of a massage gun tool, the sore muscle is being shocked gradually until it could penetrate the target area. The target muscle with the soreness, injury or cramp could be penetrated without noticing unbearable pain in the process.

It’s just like those chiropractic videos we watch on youtube where it seems like we are the ones being treated with the muscle pain. It’s like never experiencing the pain, only the best relief.

Massage Gun for Muscle Recovery

Who does not like to spend time in the gym? Grow those muscles and make them buff- yes, that’s the goal. But intense workout could lead to soreness and this should not go unnoticed as untreated sore and injury could lead to something else. This is where massage guns come in. Recovery is a very important part of a workout routine as it is integral to maximize blood flow after an intense workout and physical activity. Thank heavens for this massage gun breakthrough, recovery and relaxation has never been that easy.

After a long day at the gym, endorphins are running wild and we feel a sense of euphoria. This happens right after an intense exercise and at most times, we neglect recovery. But with the percussive therapy using a massage gun, the muscles are relaxed while thickening the connective tissue. It provides better circulation in the lymphatic system and the veins. Plus, it improves flexibility through a range of movements and gentle stretching. Our workouts could be demanding but recovery should not be that hard.

Below are the other benefits that you can get from percussive therapy using a massage gun.

  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Stimulates the growth of Muscles.
  • Muscle Stretch
  • Release of Lactic Acid
  • Enhanced motion and range of activities
  • Ease pain in the soft tissue.
  • Muscle responsiveness
  • Decreased lower and shoulder back pain
  • Reduced Cortisol Levels
  • Faster time of recovery
  • Helps in depression and improved mood

Factors to Consider

If you are planning to consider buying a massage gun, you need to know what factors to consider. Aside from the booming industry of percussive therapy, a lot of massage guns are out there and they are a bit expensive and pricey. So it’s best to research first on what you need and start from there. The three most vital things to consider are reliability, battery, life, and noise.

1. Reliability

You would not want to have something that won’t fit your needs, would you? You need a massage gun that would not malfunction when used most importantly if you use it as an athlete. Make sure it’s well-made and the features could meet your expectations.

2. Battery Life

We all want to be assured that our phones could last its power on days when we are out traveling without being worried about finding an outlet. This factor for a massage gun is important, too. There is a wide variety of massage guns in the market that you could choose from. It’s not something you can buy every day so the best advice for you is always to choose the best.

3. Noise level

How could you relax with that noisy gun buzzing and keeping you from your peace? We’re sure you’d also want to bring it out in public without being noticed too much. You would not want it to sound like a driller making holes, right? Test the tool out first and then decide.

With all the hype this massage gun has caused, a lot of manufacturers have created improvements and we’re pretty sure you can get one that you like. Even the best leave for improvement so it’s important to research and spy out what you need and how you use it on a normal basis. Whatever it is that you need- relief from a sore back, tight muscles and cramps, percussion therapy works like magic, and massage guns could just be the right thing for you.

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